More Hate Crime Training!

March 14, 2007

I knew that I would ruffle some feathers with what I am about to say I did. I have held this back. I refused to deliver training in relation to Hate Crime. I no longer work in training. As is usual in most Forces, Officer’s were being bungled into training in numbers and the Force was keen to deliver this training. If the message was no different or did not help colleagues, would they listen? Did they want to be there?

Interestingly I was never involved in the consultation. A package was prepared. And none of the trainers in Training wanted to deliver this training. I wonder why? The package missed out vital information. The training did not advise colleagues on trends of migration to the Force Area, on settlement patterns of new communities, nor crime trends in relation to hate. It certainly did not focus on the New Eastern European communities. If officer’s could not understand how migration trends might affect demographics, how could they be expected to empathise with potential victims and prevent hate crime.

This was another tick in the box and no doubt someone would say vicarious liability in the future. The product was to be delivered by so called experts in race and diversity. One of these experts had hardly challenged racism in the service, and was more intent on looking after oneself than the marginalised community and he is Black. What made him an expert was the fact that the Senior Managers could rely on him. The training typically advised, “This is the definition of a racial incident yaar.” Oh my God have we been here before? When colleagues wanted training in SOCAP and the Fraud Act, the Force produced distance learning. I don’t know which was worse, the hate crime training or the lack of will to train face to face on SOCAP and the Fraud Act. Was it worth ruffling some feathers? I’d say……..Not my cup of Twining’s tea yaar!



  1. The word Racist was first used in print in the early 1930’s in Germany by Magnus Hershfeld,
    a Jewish, homosexual, communist. The stated purpose of the word was to intimidate westerners (Whites)
    out of the political process. This removing of Whites from the political debate was to accomodate the plans of Antonio Gramsci,
    an Italian communist leader, who had devised the plan of destroying the west by multiculturism and diversity. There is no such thing as a racist. The word racist is nothing more than a Marxist perjorative.

    “research that its all true”

    Oh and mr black copper I can honestly tell you that most White people are offended to see you wearing that uniform..You know that though dont you?..

  2. just out of interest Twining, if theres a Black
    Police Officers union type organisation, which you approve of, would you also approve of one that protects the interests of WHITE officers?

    no offence meant, it just seems a bit ‘racist’ to have an organisationdedicated to anyone on the basis of the colour of their skin

    sorry to go off topic there but that questions been bugging me for a while now!

  3. Anonymous – reflect – I take it none of what you say is racist? It’s people like you that identify why a BPA is needed, but the BPA is not innocent. If an organisation wants weak BPA it will get one. And what you might see is a weak BPA. But as individuals we are better than that. and that is something that people with racist views cannot perhaps understand. I am afraid you cannot speak for the majority of White people in my view of course.

  4. Cookie monster, I approve of what is right. I don’t approve of putting incompetent people in a BPA or NBPA movement. This is what is currently happening. But this suits the organisation. The Federation currently are learning, some fed Reps are good, others don’t have a clue. So the Federation does exist.

  5. To the Anonymous person who posted on the 15th of march……well done!

    Yet again, like so many psuedo-intellectual nazis, you have reminded me just how out of touch with reality people like you really are.

    I can’t speak for “most white people” (can you, really??….how???), but I’m more offended by the murderers, rapists, burglars and violent offenders commiting crime and actually getting away with it in this country.

    But your offended that one of the few people in England who risk their lives to try and catch these criminals is black…

    How very pathetic.

    Or are you just very scared and confused?

    Furthermore, the fact you think you can speak for all of us “white people”-THAT offends me…

    …or it would if you hadn’t also wrote “research that its all true”….did you think that one through?

    You silly prat.

    Oh, and great blog by the way Black in Blue, keep up the good work, its appreciated!

  6. Last anon, all good people know that people with bigoted views exist. It’s not OK that they may have such views, but the danger occurs when they spread them through learning, through employment, and on a night out, as we all know. People then say to me, why the BPA? Our primary role is to have an impact on racism, not just inside, but in the Community. We have to deal with these individuals. They are so pseudo nazi, that they can hide behind Nazism and think it’s OK. The difficulty is, the NBPA as a group do not see this. Their intellect is tied up with barking, sometimes up the wrong tree, and sometimes up the right tree. But the intelligence of the NBPA is visible at press conferences, etc. The leaders of the service want an incompetent NBPA, that might bite, but generally does not have the capability of understanding racism beyond colour. Thank you, last anonymous, for some confidence. As for the views of the other anon….their simply views, bigoted views in my opinion, but then people like that will totally discount my opinion. Note also, the veiled threats…..

  7. Surly it is not ‘Hate Crime Training’ that the Service needs more of. It is already far to efficient at that already?

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