March 17, 2007

I have special permission from the anonymous person and totally UNPC, who no longer does Custody!, to extract a quote, “BIB – about time you committed to change from within then. Stand for some of the NBPA’s officer posts, locally and then nationally. Encourage others to do the same. You won’t achieve much just moaning about it from the sidelines. Maybe you are doing this and can’t get through the self-interest barrier set up by those already in position, but like all democratic organisations, you have to keep trying and use your vote – unless the NBPA isn’t a democratic organisation, and members want to achieve promotion via tokenism and quotas? Maybe you could encourage the Federation to do more? Maybe they (Feds) are just as wary and scared of being labelled as racist for raising pertinent points. So difficult these days isn’t it? ” The anonymous person, whoever they are, and I am hoping they are inside the job, has hit the nail on the head. In my opinion it is so difficult. These are facts: It is nire on impossible to change things from within the NBPA movement. This body is full of power struggles at this moment in time. And whilst power struggles continue inside, the real work outside of anti racism falters. So who benefits? Current leaders of course. They don’t want an NBPA THAT IS ROBUST because if it was, the NBPA would have a more significant impact on areas such as Trident, crime in the Asian communities, Black on Black gun crime, drug crime, etc. I do not hear anything from the NBPA when any of these key areas are mentioned. Why? Because those in the NBPA are incompetent to these issues. So what are these people doing there? And who put them there? These individuals are released by police organisations? Are police organisations going to release those that rock the boat to effect these key areas? No, because these individuals would identify the flaws in the system and challenge these liberal leaders, and they simply can’t take it. The problem is not at a street level. The problem is in the middle and Senior positions, and the problem relates to these peoples ego’s. How democratic is the NBPA? It is only as good as the people in it. Some Black colleagues that form the whole movement have no understanding of race, and like most organisations, attendance at conference is a jolly, so these people exist, and remember those in power are strategically placed by others in power. I have been trying my best from the inside to change things. It’s impossible. Some of these people do one’s legs and this is a polite way to put it. As for the Federation, I have known some switched on colleagues, who have argued disproportionality and I trust these individuals, but there is fear, fear of change, and a fear that we, as individuals want power. Put simply, some of us are not interested in power, but nor are we interested in the types of racial games organisations play. And these games, I would liken to, “Cowboys and Indians.” These are horrendous games played by people in power against those Black and White colleagues that challenge rightly, because these people know, if things change, that will make the slippery slope they climbed, even slippier for THEM. Inside each organisation there will be Black and White colleagues that do treat minoirty ethnic people with dignity and respect, I think the majority do. Then there are innocent mistakes. We should be able to forgive these. Then there are some idiots. These are the ones that need dealing with. But inside your own organisation, you will see Black colleagues that do have a passion for this subject, they have no agenda at all, but preventing racial asaults, murder, etc. and of course race equality. These people are in a minority. Then you will see tokens, and to be honest Ghaffur was a token until the very end in my opinion. He hardly spoke out about racism and when he did he had moved up the ladder, but in moving up he also undermined some of us, and he knew it. So there is a difference in relation to those that care really and those that say they care. It’s all our jobs to understand the difference in these peoples. I invite any comments. I would rather have genuine White officers in the NBPA then tokens who practice their own prejudices. A thank you to anonymous and totally UNPC, who incidentally does not do custody!, and a note, if you read the last blog you may realise why the NBPA as a movement exists. There are some vicious and dangerous academic bigots in the country, but in my opinion, these people remain hidden, the dangerous one’s are not those at the sharp end at the lower ranks in the service. There are few dangerous one’s at this level. There are, however, dangerous people out there, and some managers are incompetent, that is all. Any views about the NBPA, please add them here.



  1. I’d love to comment deeply and openly about the NPBA but I honestly don’t know enough. This is because I don’t care. I don’t, or shouldn’t have anything to fear because I do not see others as colours. I see the man/woman. Like I said in my blog. You can be a tosser in any colour. You can also be a brother at my shoulder, in any colour!

  2. The NBPA is merely one more method of control.

  3. Meothod of controlling whom? Method of controlling what?

  4. By the way meo-thod is just a Twining way of saying, I wish I had a spellcheck on this.

  5. Why isn’t there a National White Police Association?


  6. Re your wish for a spellchecker:

    If you write your comment in Word, spellcheck it there and then cut and paste, that should work just fine.


  7. There is not a National White Police Association because the service is majority White. Hence if we are to tackle institutional racism then we need people who can understand it and do something about it. Institutional racism in itself is not about guilt, the guilt arises, where someone, deliberately does something wrong and the lies continue up the chain. If we break that chain, that’s all people want, honesty. That’s all the Lawrence’s wanted, and justice of course. The rest is educational. For me, I would gladly work shoulder to shoulder with totally UNPC, by the way, though I would end up as a custody skipper and him not! And roger, I spell checked this one I think.

  8. Dear Brother Black in Blue

    Why do we have “black on black” gun crime, why do we have “black on black” crime?

    For some possible reasons, just look at the present day situation in Zimbabwe.

    Is Mugabe a racist, or only a tribalist; whatever, he is a very nasty piece of work indeed.

    Why are we complaining about our relatively comfortable life here in UK, when such a tyrant is allowed to continue?


  9. Michael, if you are asking from my opinion, I question what the difference is between a tribalist and racist, if on the person’s mind is some form of conscious or unconscious ethnic cleansing, literally by murder in numbers of people that are different by colour, or murdering one person that is different. I am not saying Mugabe is a murderer, but he is a conductor. Tribalism does not allow for integration or a live and let live philosophy. What I am saying is racism or triablism does hurt people that are different to the majority. So do we therefore just accept the murder of Stephen Lawrence because he was a young Black man? Do we also let justice fail for Stephen? We have a choice, that’s all I am saying and we all have individual choices.

  10. We should accept no murder, whether the victim is black, white, pink, brown, yellow, male, female, tall, short, old, young, healthy or infirm, intelligent, or not so intelligent.

    Neither should we condone such crime (or indeed any discrimination) committed for reasons of ethnic or religious origin, or cultural background.

    I think that discrimination for these latter reasons is more common than simple “racial” discrimination: just check the situation in Darfur.


  11. BIB said
    ‘There is not a National White Police Association because the service is majority White. Hence if we are to tackle institutional racism then we need people who can understand it and do something about it’

    ARe you saying that only people with a darker skin understand racism or are able to combat it. Are you saying that only people with a darker skin suffer racism?

    Next you will be telling me that PC MULHALL is a racist wife-beating bully and that COMER is the victim of circumstances and that due to the Police state we live in PC MULHALL was trained to actively seekout ethnic minorities and persecute them.

    I sometimes wonder if you are in fact a PC?

  12. How about this for an example of racism?

  13. The NBPA keeps some people busy, allowing other people to think that they are doing something useful, but in fact they are just fighting for control of, and influence in, the Association.

    To what end?
    Who knows, but it certainly keeps them from doing anything useful about institutional racism.

    In the same way, our so-called “democratic processes” keep us common people a long way away from the centres of real power.

  14. Anonymous, no I am not a PC. I am at least competent at the next rank and am init. But clearly I am not competent. I certainly was not there in relation to the South Yorkshire incident. Only the PC involved knows what was going on. None of us were there nor do we have the luxury of seeing the whole incident. And critically the victim did not then state racism at the time. So don’t make assumptions about ME please. Who are you anonymous? You can hide, but I can’t.

    If the organisation carries on the folly of lyeing to people saying they are in fact dealing with racism, when they are actually doing the opposite and the organisation is majority White, and that’s where the power is, then what does that tell you? And Oh, do people in the NBPA currently care if we have another Blacklock type incident? Or are they simply a mirror image of the bigger institution?

  15. I mean Blakelock.

  16. Some one left a good quote on my site last week…

    Theres nothing positive about descrimination”

    I like that.

  17. George, who are you? You seem to know the truth also. I am intrigued. And thank you for the words of reality, which support what I see. The powers to be can change things; they simply don’t want to.

  18. Dear Black in Blue

    Who am I, my friend?

    Please see me as a mirror of yourself, combined with a shift in the time-space continuum.

    I managed to do 30 years, and am now long retired.

    There is nothing new under the sun.


  19. George,

    You will find my email address on the blog, email me, please keep your details inconfidence, you don’t have to share those, but I am still intrigued. Ours is not a nice existence.


  20. Brother

    Thank you, but…
    …no, thank you.

    And remember: whether yours is a nice existence or not, this particular existence is all that you have at present; there is possibly nothing else!

    Make the most of it.


  21. Dear freind, Keep in touch.

  22. George Said “The NBPA keeps some people busy, allowing other people to think that they are doing something useful, but in fact they are just fighting for control of, and influence in, the Association. To what end?”

    As someone who was involved in the BPA movement from the beginning and WAS very much involved in the NBPA I have to agree with this statement.

    It is sad and at times hard to say that for all the ‘Pomp and circumstance’ surrounding the NBPA and the causes that we were allegedly standing up for, we actually achieved very little, if in fact anything. We did manage to build an outwardly heterosexual male and Christian dominated organisation based on what we knew (the Police Service).

    I still have great hope that the Association will achieve something positive for ALL staff within the Service, but alas I fear that I am setting myself up for another disappointment. Well I too am retiring now, so I will watch with interest. My advice to all those people who wish to see true equality within the Service and at the service delivery end is, think outside the box. Be brave and seek the advice from people outside the Service for those within no matter how apparently ‘radical’ are in fact far too influenced by the internal ‘Esprit De Corp’ to find the answers alone.

    In the early days we would say that we within the NBPA were spokespersons for the external voiceless communities. Unfortunately it became only too apparent that we allowed ourselves to be pawns and used to ‘sell’ a story to such communities that suited the organisation.

    With the exception of a few BPA’s around the country I fear that we certainly at a national level failed in our initial aims and objectives. Had the majority of members of the BPA movement been well versed in Black oppression and civil rights, perhaps things would have been different? But we desperately wanted to appease the majority of the Service to show that we were really one of them.

    In my opinion, what we have seen in the Service with regard to the development of the BPA movement is no more that a modern extension of ‘Plantation Politics’, we were too busy fighting over the crumbs from the table to actually see the bigger picture. This opinion may upset some people, but that is how I feel. I allowed myself and others to be ‘tokens’ and ‘ticks in the box’ at the many meetings with the illustrious members of the Service as well as the Government.

    There have been some success’s in the movement, a chosen few have received ‘baubles’ and other glittery things as rewards for their exemplary work for the Service, then in the main they have gone silent and departed to further their own ends and careers.

    I see great similarities with the decolonisation of ‘The Empire’. The ‘White man’ left only to be replaced by ‘Brown Sahibs’ who then conducted business in exactly the same way. Strangely those oppressed remained and today remain oppressed but now that the ‘Brown Sahibs’ are more influential their pain and suffering goes unheard.

    It is strange how little we actually learn from history?

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