How to reduce Force costs?

March 19, 2007

This force is consdering how to get best value and more from resources. And this is what it considers….Erm these are some ways. (1) Reduce the number of sworn officer’s at the rank of Constable, let the PCSO do all the investigative work, bar the arrest, leave that one for the sworn officer. That way the Force can have more PCSO’s who are cheaper to fund. (2) Oh yes, and at the same time or just before you reduce the number of sworn officers, buy the Senior team a top of the range car, with alloy wheels and air conditioning, and if that’s not all they fit them with blues and twos. Fantastic cost saving reductions from one Force.


  1. jobs for the boys BIB, jobs for the boys. We, as an organisation, excel in double standards.!

  2. Did I say there is one of these cars for each officer? Totally you and I will not be one of the boys will we?

  3. I want that Mustang and some mirrored shades, and a cowboy hat, and a pump action shotgun and a cousin called Billy Bob coz he’s got the fastest boat on the river.
    Yuk yuk yuk.

  4. The whole point is that the implementation of such a plan will give people a better perception of how things really are.

    Perception is real, in this world. So, if things look better, then they must be better.


  5. Now, I can manage some mirrored shade you see, I know someone in the optician trade, but you are not having a Mustang bro. Did I call you bro? Nice one Franky.

    The best way to deal with this is to laugh. Whose Billy man?

  6. I think I will stick to the Lambo on my site. Although it might take some time to get in and out being a big fella!!

  7. James Bond movie from the 70’s with Roger Moore.
    Live and let die I think.
    Sherriff J.W. Pepper.
    A gawd damn secret agent?
    On who’s side.
    What are you boy? Some kinda doomsday machine?

  8. oh oh me me …. I want the grey one. oh please oh oh oh me me please!!!

  9. If the Service wishes to cut costs on its fleets and improve community relations at the same time how about purchasing some three-wheelers at used in the Indian Sub Continent.

    The four stroke version is far more environmentally friendly than the two stroke version and can be purchased for about £2,500.00 http://www.bajajauto.com/1024/vehicle/threewheelershow.asp?vehicle=RE%204S%20CNG&vehvariation=01

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