Happy birthday

March 20, 2007

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday! Stevie Wonder sang it like that. Now would anyone else want to wish Ian a happy birthday. A reliable source tells me he is now 53. Only sincere and best wishes messages to be posted please here please. Let’s wish him well and please add some exciting captions for this image. OK I stand corrected, he’s 54.


  1. Sir Ian would be 54, not 53.

    He will be looking forward to his retirement…

    From the photograph you publish, it certainly looks as if he can’t wait.


  2. Happy Birthday to dear Mr. Blair.
    He looks glum, do you think he’s aware?
    Of the mire that he’s in,
    up to his double chin,
    and that none of us out here really care?

  3. He does look glum, and I feel sorry for him, I really do. But I think you are in line for another Twining Oscar Franky, unless PC Southwest or Gadget himself can do a better rhyme.

  4. Fifty four, fifty three;
    Why should the difference worry me?
    To tell the truth I care not a jot,
    (I don’t even like the man a lot!)

    Happy Birthday, anyway!
    He must work hard to get his pay.
    Retirement beckons, will he go?
    Not so soon (why should he) NO!

    Thirty three in, he needs yet more:
    He’s going to even up the score!
    They will miss him when he’s gone;
    Who are They? Why, everyone!

  5. Michael are you competing with Franky?

  6. Is it a competition?

    Or is the result preordained?

  7. Michael you are the proud winnner of this Twining Oscar, well done! Franky you have been outclassed on this occasion.

  8. I hope he had a really shitty birthday, he’s a useless t***t.

  9. Dear brother

    Thank you for this award.


  10. Michael,

    It is entirely my pleasure.


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