Meet the Senior Team at Shireshire

March 22, 2007
In Shireshire the names of the Chief Officers have a meaning…..And this is post number 94.

Chief Mr Levy Ian Burrell, LLB, SPININIT, QPM.
DCC Mr Paul Sullivan Dee, BA (Hons).
ACC Crime Mr Homer Omar Stats, BA (Hons).
ACC Support Mr Ian McDonald Free, GCSE.
HR Director Ms Rea Eleanor View, BA, CIPD.



  1. Its really hard trying to read your blog at the moment Twining since your recent redecoration.
    I’d have a rethink if I was you.
    Don’t mean to dis yor taste guy but keep it real bruv.

  2. Franky, is that better?

  3. Much better. Not that I had anything against black mind.

  4. Ahhh. I see now.
    Wots PSD? And Hostats? Home Office Stats! Cancel that one.
    I’m Free.
    Talking of I’m free. He had a very appropriate name for the way he portrayed his sexual persuasion. Don’t you think?

  5. Ok Franky, Professional Standards Department! And don’t you know it, whenever there is a new HR Director, there is awlays a review, where we review the review before and then the HR person moves on, on the back of the review, on promotion.

  6. so – basically your blog is all about you not being able to be elected to a position within the BPA, and you’ve got the hump with those whose faces fit better than yours? Surely you’d enjoy yourself more if you stopped having two bites of the moaners cherry, (1) the traditional moans of someone in the job and (2) I’m not white and nobody loves me. Well you’ve got to sergeant, so you’re earning a good living, doing a good job in society, you’ve got responsibility and you’ll retire on a good pension – you may even get a few more rungs up the ladder before you retire and be even better off – so please stop going on and on. Just do the job as best you can and leave the BPA to themselves, yes the job’s crap at times, but would you rather do anything else?

  7. isn’t PSD property Services Dept?

    DPS is Department of professional Standards.

    But I suppose it changes from force to force…. Stilkl, handy that their names all fit! whats the chances of that?

  8. I would rather say this blog is about my experiences. Inspector G has his, DC has his, I have mine. Things don’t change just like that, by leaving things as they are. One has to go on.

  9. Totally UNPC no no – PSD isn’t property, it’s PSD – complaints

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