The Sussex Model

March 30, 2007

By order of the Twinng Act 2007 section 3 states:

(1) There is no such thing as freedom of speech for Police Bloggers.

(2) A Chief Constables Health and Safety and Human Rights innit always takes priority.

(3) A Chief Constable and their Senior team will always be right.

(4) All Police Bloggers will be brought before their Chief Officers. This especially includes that damned man Gadget and that woman, Bloggs.

(5) Police Bloggers will be tickled by PSD until they totally confess. In the event that a Blogger makes the investigating officer’s smile then Police Bloggers will wash the DCC’s car every day for the rest if their lives.

(6) Any Blogger refusing to attend to meet their Chief Officer’s will be taken to Karatchi and tortured with bvamboo sticks.


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