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April 6, 2007

Society’s work by majority rule. Hence the majority are White, probably Christian. When these people make decisions they do so from their own value base, from their own experience and upbringing. Our leaders make their decisions around race based on their own understanding. However they seem to believe that even though they have not walked in another man’s shoes, they can make qualified decisions for them.

If society is based on inequalities, then those in power will not rock the boat, which actually took them upwards, and onwards because this would go against something which has given them value and which will develop their future career. These are Liberals. They write all sorts of polices under the roof to show change but when it comes to doing the action of change, they do the opposite. They are skilled liars.In essence one could argue that institutional racism and denial is a part of ongoing bullying culture. From my personal experience there are some Senior Officer’s, Inspector’s, Chief Inspector’s, Superintendent’s and very Senior Officer’s, I would not trust. The lower ranks might be ignorant, but those at the top only trust their guarded few and these are the real institutional racists. Those at the top do not wish to see racism in their force. Hence any claims will be strongly denied, and then fought vigorously. Therefore this is not very accepting of Diversity.

In the same breath these people wish to recruit more ethnic minority colleagues. But if these colleagues do not wish to join, what is the likely calibre of those that do join? I, personally, feel standards have dropped. In an effort to increase minority ethnic numbers, some better White officers might miss out. This may then explain why we have seen a rapid rise in the number of minority ethic officer’s having a negative intervention. Standards to recruit have dropped. If this is the case, who then picks up the pieces? The average odd BPA member will not care an iota. There are few and far between who might care. But have we set some Black people up to fail?

Policing has a very special place in relation to race relations. Remember we are the police. Hence the minority ethnic communities will come into contact with us. Imagine they are being marginalised from all walks in society from social services to Health to education, and then this continues for years and years. The children grown up, trying to make a better life and experience racism’s and the police represent society, and society largely marginalise them. Inevitably where these kids cannot get wealth legitimately they may turn to crime. The next generation of Asian, particulalry Islamic kids in particlular in marginalised areas will fight back violently. It is only a matter of time. And they will have access to guns.

In large urban populated areas drugs and guns and knives will come out. People might turn against their own or against anyone else. This becomes a dog eat dog world on the streets of London, Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester, etc. How these marginalised groups react to us is as important as how we react to them. As I said we are the final piece of the jigsaw between them, and I am talking about these masses in urban areas, and the Government. Policing therefore has a special role. And if Governments and the Home office do not change the ass of the Race Relation’s Act then we will see violence.

Can we as a service lead? Our leaders from points merely care about maintaining inequality, so they cannot lead. But we can. Police officers at front line are the people that make changes happen in race relations. No one else has this power. But as new communities come in race relation’s evolve. A once marginalised community might become established. Let’s not let the higher echelon’s fool people into believing they care, they do not care at all. Last week I read Police Review and there was a fantastic article about multiculturalism from a TV presenter, and then there was a horrendous Liberal and useless article from a Commander Gibson. His understanding of race is dire, but worse still he thinks he knows everything. The article from Gibson said little of value, and these are the people we entrust with race equality. If anyone get’s a chance do read both articles. One is excellent, Gibson’s though, is worth a Twining gong. I think that is Commander Gibson in the centre of the picture. You have been gonged Commander Gibson! You are a worthy contender for writing such dire dire rubbish on multiculturalism. You are in the league of Liberal organisational spin.


  1. You know, sometimes I get what you are saying. It does get lost at times in the whole, like the kernal of a nut (not a nut of a colonel). At firstread this really confused me, but a careful re-read around the few typos, it suddenly became clear. What you say is SPOT ON! Absolutely SPOT ON!

  2. Excellent post Black In Blue. You really answered my question well.

  3. Anonymous, typos? I spell checked this time and time again. See, what I say makes sense.

    The problem is the powers to be don’t want to hear an Asian Officer say these things.

    It insults their lack of understanding and somehow they feel inferior. Me, I say this, to help my colleagues and the service.

    S-d the ego’s of Liberal leaders. I mean sad is the go of our leaders. Can I say that?

  4. Thank you anonymous last. It was down to you that I wrote this piece. God bless. Though I am still being hounded by humiliating people.

    We are not all power seeking, incompetent, left wing, radical loonies. I will copy the articles from Police Review that I mentioned and compare them.

    I am also going to do some discourses of race training and what to be aware of. Maybe this will help colleagues too. Pass the word on, this is not a bad blog.

  5. The problem with ‘race’ is that it has been hijacked by people above people like the commander. he knows that to get on, he must accept and take the dominant ideology to his heart and wax evangelical -rooting out the non-believers and apostates.

    Anyway, what do you think of the Asian Female president of the NUT?


    and what do you think of this story about Private Beharry VC?


  6. Last anonymous, you are right. I support that fully. Gibson and his generation are considered “elite” leaders.

    They are not leaders at all. They are masters of spin, born out of the Labour era. The question is do they really want equality and do they understand it or is it a dog eat dog world where those that get on are mirror images of them. Gibson and others have hijacked race.

    I have been given words of caution about my language when I only say what I see. When people, our leaders hijack race they are signing a warrant for race riots in the future.

    I don’t know about NUT. I will have a look and come back. Yep, you know what, some of these people want to exit some of us too, so you are right.

    Thank you for your contribution. It’s a bit like shut up, or we’ll tell you off. And that’s what they are good at. They have no interest in what some of us may say. I don’t mean you I mean these Liberal do gooders like the Commander.

    Private Beharry, didn’t he save someone in Iraq? Now that’s a positive role model. I don’t think Ghaffur and others are role models, because to an extent they have done exactly what Gibson and others do. They use the system to their own ends first and foremost. Only know has Ghaffur come out. At least we can sleep easy at night.

  7. Anonymous last, the education link marks a superb speech. Thanks for bringing it here. We learn from each other. I am learning too.

  8. Regarding the Britishness lessons ‘fuel racism’ speech by Baljeet Ghale, I feel compelled to say that I agree with her expressed views.

    As there is no agreed concept of what it even means to be ‘British’ as yet how can we start to have lessons in it.

    Perhaps we would benefit first from forcing the hand of our politicians to first have a written constitution which could have embedded within it aspirational values that would benefit all and reduce or better still eradicate inequality no matter where it is found based on the sound and worthy doctrine enshrined within the Human Rights Act 1998.

    Just a little example of how intolerance is changing, only yesterday whilst walking along the banks of the Thames at Shepperton Lock (doing my bit for the Devizes to Westminster Race) I was approached by a well spoken and apparently affluent female who wished to share her somewhat intolerant view on ‘Pole’s fishing’. It would appear that the entire ‘polish’ community of the UK and their brethren from Poland are ALL apparently fishing our rivers dry of fish such as pike and other slimy things that I am not aware that the ‘British’ (whoever they may be) have a history of eating.

    It would appear that the ‘Polish’ are uncontrollably driven to empty our rivers of such fish as they have apparently done in Poland (so she told me).

    The strange thing to me was that she was saying this to me, an Asian male who would OBVIOUSLY share her view. I was actually almost left speechless apart from trying to humorously add that I was not aware that ‘Pole fishing’ was illegal and was very much common place on the banks of canals throughout the country (I only know this from the number of ‘Poles’ I have to duck under whilst kayaking).

    See, intolerance evolves as time goes by, unfortunately it does not seem to become extinct.

  9. Regarding the Devizes to Westminster International Canoe Marathon I wish to raise an interesting point (well interesting to me that is). In the thirty plus hours that I was involved in supporting my team, why is it that I did not see one other black or Asian brother or sister? Not one competitor or for that matter even a spectator or supporter. Now I could not have been everywhere all of the time and I am sure (well hope) that other people of colour were involved, but not noticeably.

    It is an interesting point that as a person of colour who lives in a very much white middle class environment I am generally very aware when I see a reflection of myself whilst out and about and often there will be a quiet and discreet meeting of eyes and acknowledgement of each others presence. Some make think this strange but that is what happens.

    Although kayaking and canoeing as a sport is predominantly and unfortunately in my pseudo Marxist view the domain of the white middle classes, should this mean that more diverse member of society should not be involved? Of course not, so where are my brothers and sisters?

    In fact whilst listening to the many people around me I was not really aware of much of the ‘International’ element to the competitors at all, although I am aware that members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police did fantastically well, and they were a mixed (male and female) team as well.

    Ah, well another avenue to research if anyone has the time!

  10. Dear Black in Blue,

    I have just found out from the MPS website, that Mr Gibson is an ‘expert’ on multiculturalism.

    ‘….. holds a Masters Degree in Human Resource Development, a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a Diploma in Applied Criminology (Cambridge). He is a member of the British Society of Criminology and of the Institute of Directors. He is a two-time winner of the Queen’s Gold Medal Police Essay Competition with two essays on leadership and policing a multi-cultural society’….

    How could we have disagreed with such an authority? Clearly the experiences of others and us with regard to such issues fails into insignificance. Let’s face it neither of us has won the Queen’s Gold Medal Police Essay Competition (in twenty five years I have never heard of this contest though).

    No wonder that the Service is doing so well with these issues when such people are their accredited specialists.

  11. Serendib, put in context, Gibson now has a Twining gong, (2007), for his efforts also.

    This points out the problem, it is not the people at the bottom, but the people at the top.

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