Introducing Betsy

April 18, 2007

Now, for those of you that have questioned my presence and existence as a Sergeant, I have to say, “Up yours,” because I want to introduce you to Betsy. I also want to thank Noddy officially here. So who, I hear you ask, is Betsy, and how can Betsy prove that I am me, that I am a fully qualified Police Sergeant and the sidebar picture is me. Well, Betsy is a part of my shift.

Let me describe her a little. She is tall, slim, tanned single of course, glamorous, and intelligent, (a bit like Shilpa Shetty in that way), and she is an artist! Yes, whilst she may be able to knock a few Vodka’s back, she is a fine cartoonist also, and here’s what she makes of some of our elite Liberal Police leaders and there work in community and race relations. To all you budding contributors, why not add a caption.

By the way, this cartoon is copyrighted to Betsy. (You folks have no idea how much work I have had to do, after this picture was completed, trying to get this on here.) Finally this cartoon is on the Internet. Anyway here’s to Betsy! And for those of you wondering what the two books on the right are. Well the pink book is the Macpherson Report, and the blue book is ACPO’s guide on how to avoid implementing the good parts of the Macpherson Report!


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