Reflections on an eventful week or two!

April 23, 2007

Twining is rather indebted to his Inspector for giving him an unknown South American viral infection. This infection is so volatile that it affects one’s ability to stay awake and to multi task, but allegedly men don’t do this well anyway. Twining has come out as a tanned shade of orange! But so deadly was this viral thing that it caused a minor affliction with a fellow by the name of PG Tips on Inspector Gadget’s blog.

Single handedly and with the help of his trusted sword, the pen, Twining took on a verbal onslaught that was not deserved. Mr Tips made horrible horrible allegations about Twining’s understanding of institutional racism, of the Macpherson report about the Northern race riots, of life. But alas PG Tips is the product of what happens when the institution takes on something willy nilly, and blames the troops, without first understanding it themselves. Twining does not have academic qualifications in this field for nothing, but Mr Tips would not budge, but to give PG Tips some due, he mentioned segregation, and the problems this causes. Bar this comment, most of his views were erm, rather incorrect, and flawed.

Tips is typical of a type that admits they do not experience being Black, but that this experience does not really matter. Try telling that to a victim of rape says Twining, “This experience does not matter.” Tips continued to generalise making rash comments about new communities, and about how crazy it is that immigrants do not speak English. Twining thinks is it so crazy then that a Muslim team took up prayer at the side of a football pitch, or was it crazy that the press laughed at them for doing this?

Introducing Betsy was another good event. She is a rising star. Watch out for her. Twining now has a cartoonist! But damn this viral infection. Twining later found out that the infection was a mixture of a horrid horrid flu without a cold. It was not surprising that latter this week Twining feinted dramatically, sort of, and was knocked out for a few days on rest days he might add. But when he awoke he awoke in a nice place, with Noddy looking down at him and with a pink cat whispering, “Get well soon Mr Twining,” in his ear. Twining then asked Miss Cat, “Is this real, did I take on Tips like a Rhine Stone Cowboy or am I dreaming?” At this Miss Cat said, “Twining, really, am I real?” Noddy, did Twining mention that Totally UNPC was mentioned in the Police Review?



  1. Dear Twining,

    You are definitely sick.


    Dr Doolittle

  2. p.s.

    re PG Tips – storm in a teacup.

    Twining’s brew much classier!

  3. Dear Mr Twining, sorry to hear you’ve been unwell, but business is business.
    Well for someone who gets upset at stereotyping you seem to like doing it yourself now and then. I’m a ‘type’ now am I? I wonder what ‘type’ I am in your eyes? Not only do you indulge in a bit of stereotyping but you show a tendency towards exaggeration. As for “…how crazy it is that immigrants do not speak English”, yes it is crazy, and it is not a weird point of view to hold, its mainstream. In our exchanges over at Mr G’s I did say how mainstream such views had become, especially with some encouragement from sources well to the left, Blunkett, Anne Cyer MP, more recently Polly Toynbee an arch lefty and star of the liberal elite as well as recent comments from the PM and Liam Byrne MP @ the Home Office – from the latter tied up with a whole host of other comments on the sustainability of uncontrolled immigration and its (negative) effects on British society. Are these rash comments too? But choose to ignore such views if you wish, and you can then resemble the characters in the cartoon shown in your last posting. As for a muslim football team praying – I suppose any reaction depends on when they decide to stop the game to do so. I’m under the impression that there is some flexibility around the requirments to pray, but it seems even prayer can be used to make a point. Why not just change the kick off times to faciliate prayer, or like many Muslims do, just miss a session every now and then – it is allowed you know.

  4. Dear Tips, I can only take you in cup fulls please. Don’t do my legs for every ill in here or on Gadget’s site. Oh dear, I stereotype, of course I do. Don’t we all? It’s a requirement of life and policing, we sterotype peoples, but when we get it wrong we might apologise. In your case, I am not going to apologise for those scoundrel remarks you make of my understanding when it is yours that is flawed by a lack of experience.

    There you go again adding your little bit about when a game is stopped to pray. I never mentioned the game was stopped at all. Do you honestly think a Muslim team would say, “Hey, they are going to score, let’s pray?” Who is assuming now? They prayed before the game and actually it was a wonderful sight.

    Alas, Tips, you are wrong in many areas, but you have a point about segregation. As for immigration I cannot comment, I too was once an immigrant. I could not speak English, but I am rather a Master now. I am British, Indian, English and I hold the flag with pride.

    Thank you for your concern about my welfare and yes you did say the views were rather mainstream. Majority view, you see, might not always be right. Raise your sword and battle, I mean you pen! And take on Noddy instead.

    Please don’t assume also that police officer’s at the street end do not understand stereotyping and are not operating Macphersons’s work. They are. It’s the Liberals at the top that are useless scoundrels, protecting themselves, and their reputations.

  5. Dear Bro’s

    There is a lot of commonality here, but whilst like minded or almost likeminded people continue in a ‘Useless’ BLOG debate the real culprits and assassins to the development of an ethical and equitable Service are allowed to do what they always do. NOTHING!

    The Service has become extremely slick at avoiding responsibility and using consultation as a means of deflecting their obligations onto the very people who are suffering.

    Let’s have some consensus about how we can make those within the Service with true power change their outdated ways. They have not as yet realised that sounding academic to veneer their bigotry and ignorance just does not work.

    If the Police Service truly wants to be part of the twenty first century and not just an anachronism of ‘The Raj’ when the sun never set on the British Empire then they it will have to change.

    Within the Service we constantly say that we have the best Police in the world. I have been involved in training many officers from overseas and even taught abroad and I know this statement not to be true, but we could so easily be so.

  6. Serndib, but CENTREX maintained we are the best? So, it was all a lie?

  7. Dera Twinning,

    One person’s truth is another’s ……………. Centrex bless their cotton socks used to say lots of things and now that the National Policing Improvements Agency exists I am sure that they will carry this tradition of ‘Bluff and bluster’ on! Hopefully I am proved wrong on this.

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