Who’s been speaking to PSD?

April 26, 2007

Has someone tipped PSD or ACPO off that Twining is taking the pee out of their silliness and that Twining is the Pink Panther? Someone has haven’t they? Come on, own up you horrid horrid person you! I must say I am rather impressed with Noddy and his play and therefore must award Noddy a Twining Oscar. God I love Bollywood, mine was like a scene from a Hindi film where I was the hero. Where was my heroine dude? Not drugs! You know, the lead female, Shilpa Shetty? Well done my friend, bringing good humour into the debate of race, by including Twining, is an excellent thing. This way we make the establishment listen. If they can’t hide from UNPC and Noddy then they can’t hide from Twining also.

Well done old bean. Noddy, you are a deserved winner of the Oscar and you join fine fellows like Franky. But Noddy I am a Sergeant, not that I am upset or anything, no, I have not thrown my Teddy out of the pram, no. But that Super in your story required a good kick up the backside! Has someone tipped PSD off as to the fact that Twining is the Pink Panther? Oh sugar to the point quick…..Before they come. Can someone help me, anyone, tell me what corruption is? Not criminal corruption, just corruption. What is collusion in relation to race relations? How does it operate? And anything else. Must dash…..



  1. Take a look and read at this. Chicago Police Officer responds to a disturbacne by himself and shoots and kills and unarmed citizen with absolutely no cause. The Chicago Police Department then attempts to conceal the murder. The video and the accompanying article explain it all in depth. What are your comments in the UK?


  2. I am truly humbled.

    Now if you’ll just bear with me, in true Gwyneth Paltrow style, I’d like to thank the following……click.

  3. oi, who cut me off?

    By the way, thought you might like this.

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