The Empire Crumbles

May 5, 2007
Individuals strength, commitment and resolve achieve; the success of groups on the other hand are dependant upon the integrity of leaders and the people surrounding them. A Senior Home Office official by the name of Maqsood Ahmed has written to the NBPA to tell them in no uncertain terms to get their house in order. (1) One can only ask for how long has this house or institution been affected by irregularities, (2) what sort of irregularities are we talking about, (3) and who will take the wrap, if anyone.
In answer to (1) above, and by the way this is Twining talking; I believe there have been irregularities since one person has been in post; the NBPA co-ordinator, I feel has much to answer. I have heard that he has been returned to his own Force, for what or why I am unsure of.
In relation to (2) above I know of several contacts that have advised me that in negotiating settlements for some Black officers, this individual, through advice or otherwise, has engaged in plantation politics with Senior Management, secured his own future, but breached the confidentiality of those Black colleagues he was supporting. Worse still other Senior NBPA members have been taught the same.
I can definitely quote one source that this did happen to the detriment of that colleague that had suffered racial discrimination. I can quote one other where this individual and others, referred to as a scrutiny group conducted an internal scrutiny on the expulsion of a valuable BPA member who was “deemed” a thorne in the side to the establishment. In short, he was intelligent, academic, articulate, and these Black colleagues took his legs, through jealousy. This is racial discrimination whether one likes it or not, and the establishment took great comfort in keeping this “loose canon” quiet whilst the NBPA did the dirty work. Fools I say! Hmm new slavery innit.
The NBPA and BPA’s are not innocent in this at all. (Of course these behaviours make someone in power, like the co-ordinator, feel good, but they do not achieve fairness and equality). On the contrary these behaviours that management encourage and partake in corrupt race relations and are politics, that is all.
There is some suggestion in “The Sun” newspaper that an individual in the NBPA purchased a satellite navigation system, and then it was sold on. (I still do not have one of these; I rather follow signs and whilst driving do not commit enforceable penalty notice offences). If the allegation were true that the item has been sold, one would like to think the monies have gone back into the NBPA account. There is another suggestion in the same Newspaper that the someone claimed expenses on a business trip that really wasn’t a business trip. If this allegation is true, then this really amounts to mmm, you know, a detection!
If an organisation surrounds itself and is run by incompetents then this is what will inevitably happen; incompetence. If people around individuals and people in power knew this was going on or some of it, at least, and they did nothing, then they are responsible also. We will see how wide the net disperses. The current NBPA President states he might be viewing this embarrassment through rose tinted glasses. This indicates he did not know what was going on, but he is a part of a corrupt system that lets him and others “groom” future leaders that are less competent than themselves, that way they look good innit duh!
In answer to (3) above, How far will the net disperse? When the current NBPA president took up post, due to one issue, I am strongly advised that a BPA member wrote to him and asked him to resign because he refused to acknowledge these failing. His response to that member was something like, “Please don’t email me.” Yep, those are definitely rose tinted glasses. In terms of anti racism these people have let the service and victims of racial incidents, down. They have hung onto something we call the ego, but that egos just happen to be Colonial in spirit, yet these same people quote Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King. If these people were alive now they would give them a good slap to wake them up and whilst Gandhi believed in peaceful resistance, even he would not allow his name to be be abused in this way! Currently and in recent history the NBPA has been a joke. It needed to fold a few years ago when the then co-ordinator and the new President were advised to stand down. It should fold now and a new one should emerge.

One comment

  1. A rule of thumb that seems fair to find a conclusion to this sorry state of affairs is “what would we expect to happen if the organisation being questioned was not one that we were critically involved in building”?

    If mismanagement (whether witting or not) has happened then someone has ‘to pay the piper’.

    Some may argue that the most honourable thing would be for the President to ‘fall on HIS sword’ setting an example to the entire executive so that the movement may be given the opportunity to start afresh?

    Like though most politicians, thins option is not likely to be the one chosen as I can remember that holding such exulted position as senior Cabinet Membership within the NBPA is intoxicating and one can very easily start to think that one is not replaceable. Whilst holing such a position one is wined and dined by the ‘Real’ politicians and Home Office mandarins and jovially refer to Chief Police Officers (including ones own Chief Constable) and the like by their given names whilst sharing in their frivolous gatherings.

    One soon forgets that actually we are guests in these favoured places and not necessarily welcomed ones having ‘gate crashed the party’ so to speak and not joined in the manner as the other participants.

    Please do not judge the members of the NBPA in themselves too harshly, but we cannot get away from the fact that ‘a pound of flesh’ is now required. I would suggest as their president does not seem to be willing to offer up himself that they do the very British thing and draw lots.

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