There are many good Coppers…

May 7, 2007

…that are White. Yesterday whilst at a social function I met a lighting expert. Someone introduced us, as we were both police officers. This man was a wonderful man, and struck me as a good cop, good at his job.

It was obvious, but what he did with the lighting was to create a fairytale dreamssetting for this family social function. We talked a lot yesterday. Him and his colleague had not eaten and everyone was invited to partake. I took him up two plates of food and asked him whether tea was OK. His response, ” Is it Indian Tea?” I smiled and said, “yes, is sugar OK?” He laughed and said, “I love Indian tea.”

For the rest of the day he did his work and he was professional. Later he said to me, “A Skipper’s never made me a cup of tea before, thanks Skip.” This colleague was 6’ tall, I was flattered to say the least. At the end of the day he took it upon himself to leave me a card with his details and jokingly he said, they call me “the bastard.” I said, “why?” His response, “Because if there’s ever a bastard problem at work I end up sorting it out.” I laughed with him. During the day I mislaid the card, and like a good copper does, I retraced my steps and there it was on the floor, where I had been sitting. I was walking with my elderly father, who needs holding onto just in case he might fall, age, I pointed this colleague out to him in the distance and said, “dad, this guy is a policeman too.” My father smiled.

Yep, I thought and we had talked frankly about some of the issues going on in the NBPA. I thought, “I would rather have you on my side any day.” He does not know I have written this, and I will share this with him. I know sometimes I keep on, but the majority of colleagues are just like him, good at their job, honest, and caring. It’s about time the NBPA changed. Like I said I would rather him at my side. If I met some of the Contributors that are police and that contribute here I think they would be very similar to this colleague.

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