Twining Chronicles – Federation Conference – 3

May 18, 2007

Twining Chronicles – 3

I will try and report my findings from the Federation Conference of 2007. During a debate about resilience there was an overwhelming agreement between delegates that Forces had no resilience, and that sanctioned tar- gits, were literally that, gits.

There followed a further great debate led be the star of the show, San Ction Detection, who despite the support of the Home Office was boo’d off the floor. Those that were at Conference would have seen the voting device allowing people to cast individual votes. It was a bit like a black box. Well one could also send in text messages and Twining sent one in. It read something like, ” For lack of resilience please see Inspector gadget’s blog.” See Gadget I did think of you. The producer however did not put it on screen as he appeared not to have a sense of humour. Reid admitted also to reading these blogs. Ooo!

Twining can report that if one was to take these black boxes out of the Centre they would bleep and what happened is the Inspector’s in true police culture mode planted two of these bleeping boxes in a Sergeants bag. They proceeded to converse with the Sgt, all the way to the hotel, whilst the items bleeped, distracting the Sergeant totally. By the time the Sergeant realised what he had, he had no choice but to try and switch them off, but there was no button, so he rolled them up in a towel and put them in his cupboard. I think he thereafter called the Inspector’s a name, it went a bit like this, San Ction Detection’s! The items were duly returned bleeping the following morning. This is Twining reporting. Over and out from me.

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