Take that!

May 22, 2007

I have one thing to say today! And why you may ask do I feel like this? Well, that’s a million dollar question. Anyone with any suggestions might wish to comment. I totally agree with this monkey.



  1. Twining my friend.

    I have read nearly every word you have written on your blog(s). Even the unpunctuated stuff at the beginning.

    The constant struggle between your knowledge of Muslim extremism, and your belief in diversity and multiculturalism is facinating.

    Previously I have had nothing constructive to say here, I mostly disagree.

    Yesterday however, a Mr “‘Super’duper” chose to comment in IG’s place. He defined what we both despise about the police service; Diversity as a promotional tool or political lever. Not as a cure to injustice.

    Since this is your field of expertise, I will follow your lead. But he seems to have accidentally confirmed a lot of what you have been saying all along.

    As to the monkey… I would be grouchy too if I had Serendip for company!

  2. Oh very good indeed Mr P. Myself and a couple of other chaps do try and encourage Mr twining by entering into debate with him and his chum Mr Serendib as you probably know, but they do get somewhat testy at times, taking comments and good old fashioned argument a mite too personally at times. I’m glad that there are others out there as well. Chin chin, time for tiffin! (Sorry, terribly colonial I know it must seem, but one gets into habits, and anyway at my age, what does it matter)? Made entirely of rubber you say? GGGRRRRRRR!

  3. Redarding what Joe. P said… I would be grouchy too if I had Serendip for company!

    I have to admit that a few ex-partners have said the same!

  4. Joe P, I am now lost, are you complementing something I have said? Wow, I am not being sarcastic, just wondering what it is that I have said that has struck a cord. Who has confirmed what?

    Serendib is an OK person, give him a chance, yeah. As for you Mr QC and your tiffin, enjoy it while you can. I don’t think I am taking you personally. I just hope to God you are not CPS.

  5. Twining,

    You have said that the field of diversity within the police service is dominated by career minded officers who care more about their next promotion than the problems they are payed to solve. I hope I haven’t misinterpreted you on this.

    A perfect and unapologetic example of such an officer posted on IG’s site the other day. That, to me, vindicates a lot of what you have been saying.

    Your writing is massively improved as well, I no longer get the impression that your head is about to explode with rage.

    You also seem to have acquired a troll of the highest quality in the form of the Right Honourable Mr Birkin QC, pure class. You should cherish him.


    You are an authoritative advocate of the views you hold. It makes interesting reading for me as they are not views that tend to appear on other police blogs. They are however views that are integral to the current running of the police service as a whole, and as such they need to be heard.

    So it is with some regret that I humbly submit to you that they are in fact unmitigated hogwash.

  6. Dear Joe P,

    I am not sure whether I am meant to thank you for the compliment that my views are ‘integral to the current running of the police service’ or whether I am supposed to be offended that you consider that they are also ‘unmitigated hogwash’. Whatever the intention, I go for the former and thank you for the compliment. Lets face it all views to someone out there are ‘unmitigated hogwash’.

  7. Joe P thank you, I am flattered. Just keep talking, as for QC hoojameflip, he loses me, but I think we agree, he is a troll! I am sorry Joe P if I upset, but I went with rage onto IG’s blog at the Super Duper.

  8. What type of monkey is it then?
    Apart from a rude one that is.

  9. Franky, yes this monkey has the type of gesture I would use towards some of our managers, no no I mean, I really wouldn’t use the gesture, but I was just thinking it.

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