Is this what a lap dog is?

May 26, 2007

My Chief, DCC and HRD seem to believe in this lap dog thingy so I was wondering, is this what a lap dog is? All sarcastic thoughts wanted in the name of effective community relation’s. Do you know any lap dogs? What drives them on? LOL. How competent are they? Please add your thoughts.



  1. Its enough to give you PAWS for thought.

  2. They must be barking mad!!

  3. I remember having a lap-MONKEY while out in the colonies, only trouble being the little blighter was (ahem) somewhat smelly and prone to incontinence.

    Nasty, (ahem) old business.

    It chased me through the jungle for three weeks. I was very suprised they didn’t catch me or it eventually and I (ahem) spent the whole time smashed out of my head on poisonous frogs.

    Luckily the servants and officers from the colonial police service found me but (ahem) I freely admit that (ahem) I was very, very drunk!

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