May I introduce you to my friend Totally UNPC…

May 27, 2007

Twining: “So this is what you look like on the streets of London?”

UNPC: “This is me Twining my friend.”

Twining: “Being dressed like that, does it give you an advantage in fighting crime?”

UNPC: “Are you having a go at my tights?”

Twining: “No dude, who am I to talk.”

UNPC: “I am a superhero Twining dude. My shin pads protect me from low kicks and my bandana is there to disguise me. Do you like it?”

Twining: “I think you’re rather cool.”



  1. Yeah, some superhero!!
    I don’t like the colour of his tights either.

  2. annette, the only way I can survive is to laugh with my friends.

  3. ha ha .. you nutter!

  4. So, it created a laugh! UNPC, tell me, you wear uniform right? Well that picture shows you in uniform. Then you are disguised right? See! That’s you. And it’s Ok to be nuts, as we are not all mind boggling left wing loonies. Brothers in arms. See!

  5. Oh yes, you do have to laugh.
    And yes, it’s ok to be nuts!!!

  6. Will you lot stop pretending you are cartoon characters!

  7. ….and have you seen Mrs H. in her new guise as the Shredder

  8. Wasn’t sure which one was tupc until I read the brilliant interview!

  9. Noddy, and you think I don’t have a picture of you? Hm your turn will come! Dickiebo, I quite like you. For an olde, er, man your quite a good fellow.

  10. Dickiebo, my dad’s older than you, he’s also a good man also, so it’s a complement I give you.

  11. Gosh, he must be old.
    I was recently talking to one of today’s Police Officers in our local. I made some disparaging remark – as is my habit, I’m afraid – and he called me a ‘dog’. I said that it was a bit strong, whereapon he said, “If the cap fits, wear it”. He also explained that in my case, it means, Decrepit Old Git! Cheers.

  12. 80+ dude! That’s my old man. Can I call a DOG a dude? You are no DOG man! My dad, he is first generation. He did alot for us and his brothers and sisters and their kids. It’s a pity that some of the family today do not realise the first generation. I’m glad you lked my interview with TUPC by the way. This is the only way I can cope.

  13. I would like to be the Green Lantern so I could use the power of my ring.

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