Twining interviews Noddy

May 28, 2007

Twining: “Noddy, you think you had us all fooled.”

Noddy: “Now you say it Twining, yes I did, (especially Police Review.)”

Twining: “You mean you know Catriona Marchant? You do realise don’t you?”

Noddy: “Oh yeah, I know her. The error of my ways you mean?”

Twining: “Well.”

Noddy: “Well?”

Twining: “Oi behave, I’m interviewing you David. Where were we?”

Noddy: “OK guv I cough it.”

Twining: “You do?”

Noddy: “My yellow car is a Skoda. It’s not a VW.”

Twining: “It is? Why do you have big hands David?”

Noddy: “I do not. I don’t, I don’t, I don’t.”

Twining: “Ok, you are David, enough, you aren’t Noddy! Are you?”

Noddy: ” I am.”

Twining: “So, why does my intelligence lead me to this man!”

Noddy: “You mean David. I dunno dude!”

Twining: “Oops. Me thinks, shoddy intel log! Best not to admit this. Then you are Noddy?”

Noddy: “Yes.”

Twining: “Do you like my hat Noddy, sorry David? Blue is the colour, football is the game…We’re all together and CHELSEA is our name. I don’t believe you, you are Noddy, aka, the one and only, the greatest, David Seaman.”

Noddy: “No comment.”

Twining: “I’ll torture you.”

Noddy: “No, no please Twining no, not with that bamboo shoot. I am David Seaman. I am. ”

Twining: “Will you tell Police Review or shall I?”

Noddy: “About what?”

Twining: “The kilt man, where’s the kilt? You have to tell Police Review about your yellow kilt.”



  1. Dear Pee Pee,

    You are certifiable!

    I have never played in goal and I do not have a ponytail under my BLUE hat.

    P.S. How did you know my clan tartan was mainly yellow?

  2. You’re really in a yellow clan?

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