Get that Horse off my bus!

June 6, 2007

Picture this if you will. We could not stop laughing when a PC from my shift told me this. It relates to the 1980’s I think. This PC is a wonderful fellow, and back then he was a Sergeant in the Horse Guards. He trained Horses and even has a few stories to tell about Hewitt. The PC said he was a as fit as a fiddle because of all the horse sh—he had to muck out, and I believe him. He then said, “Serge, you know Sloane Square and you know how busy that is?” I replied, “yes.”He continued, “It was a busy day, I was on this horse you see, the traffic was head to tail, and there was this big red Double Decker bus in front of me.” And…….I thought, I could just picture it…I had an idea in my head. The PC continued, “Well, this horse you see, it mounted the platform on the double decker and started snorting at the bus conductor.” We just giggled as you do and…. “The Conductor was a big Black man and he just started shouting at the horse Serge, and I told him to quieten down and not to scare the horse.”  Apparently, and I could understand it, the conductor was going loopy. Who wouldn’t if a horse tries to get on your bus and starts snorting at you? The Evening Standard might have read, “Horse Guards Sergeant and horse try to get onto bus because of slow traffic on Sloane Square.” Somewhere and some time, god bless his soul, if this conductor is still alive, the conductor has a story to tell to his grandchildren about the day he came face to face with one of Her Majesty’s horses that tried to get onto his bus. Brilliant.


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