Guess who this is?

June 22, 2007

Enough. This picture is mmmmm, guess who. And he is so cute. He has just kicked some serious ass I believe and reading his entries you will see what I mean. I tell you what though, Thin Blue Line is no ass really. But as he kicked someone else and was told to toe the party line, can you imagine him smiling as above. I can! I present you Thin Blue Line.



  1. your mother?

  2. Now, that’s not a nice thing to say.

  3. Hollywoods greatest star! Loving Shrek. Pity my son is too young to be a convincing excuse to go and see Shrek 3……

  4. Its an ass…so, er..its the criminal justice system?…or, er…its our “police support” workers-yeah? no? er….

    Is it me? šŸ˜¦

  5. Gone on then, please do tell us who it is.

  6. Is this like Qi, if you say the obvious answer the alarms go off?

  7. Janet Street Porter?

  8. Busybizzie: My god how I laughed. But I see what you mean!

  9. Too good looking for Janet Street Porter……..! Enlighten us Mr Twining!

  10. Mrs Twining?

  11. anonymous last er no dufus! It’s not Mrs Twining, but I think she’d kick your as for even suggesting it was! It could be one of our Police Bloggers!

  12. I got it. It must be Richard Brunstrom.1 He blogs.2 HE is a total ass.

  13. Its Don Key, the famous mafia boss!

  14. All of you are dufus’s! Come on come on, it’s a police blogger that I rate very highly, but to his managers I am sure he is viewed as an ass! But he is not an ass at all. More guesses please. All of you here know him.

  15. Do I get a prize?

    ….. or it could be the Mank’s No.8?

  16. Well, I don’t think it’s him at all. I think it’s the Spreadsheet Queen he’s been towing across the line.


  17. Noddy, no you don’t get a prize because you guessed after I told you! Roses, you have got me thinking! Who is this spreadsheet queen?

  18. Such a cute smile…. must be all those training days teaching TTBL how to interface with the public….

  19. I think Thin Blue Line is one of my favourite police bloggers. He seems like a genuine person. But there was a riddle in this post and I hope he understands this riddle.

  20. Have to agree TTBL does seem to be a bit of an all round top bloke…. and a darn fine blogger.
    Curiosity is eating me as to the riddle though.

  21. Twining’s proverb is revealed to Minty, “One must never pull a donkey’s tail.” I say donkey metaphorically in the case of Thin Blue Line. Donkey’s are not asses at all. Now, Thin Blue Line was being treated like an ass by an Excel Queen. Hope this makes sense. I like the Donkey in Shrek. And I like Thin Blue Line. If you kick a donkey or pull it’s tail it will kick you back so ferociosly, it would be like a kangaroo kicking you. So one must never hit a donkey and Thin Blue Line was metaphorically being hit.

  22. Ah, you got my reference. Good.

  23. Ahhhh. Now it makes sense!The Donkey is the absolute star of Shrek… may have to borrow a five year old from somewhere as can’t wait to see Shrek 3!

  24. Minty it was Roses that pointed me in the direction of the riddle. Yes, I think the Donkey is the hidden star, (a bit like Thin Blue Line). So, as I have called him “Donkey” I hope he doesn’t take it badly. There’s a logic in my thoughts but the blasted SMT don’t understand me. Like I say, in Thin Blue Line I think we have something unique. We’ll have to wait and see.

  25. Apparantly the Excel queen exists as a character in The Thin Blue Line’s blog according to Roses, but I knew that anyway.

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