Hello world!

June 27, 2007

I have defected to here. It’s me, Twining. Hello to Gadget, Southwest, Copperfield, Serendib, UNPC, Sergeant Simon, Noddy, er Thin Blue Line, Dickiebo, my mates Franky and Big fella, and Bloggs.

And er hmm, Roses, and Annette, and Sanddancer, and last but not least a BIG HELLO BOO TO my Chief and DCC. Hello Sirs! And er Joe P and ranter. Yewww!  And lastly POLICE AND RACE INNIT. That’s all I got to say for now! Did I say hello to The Pink Panther. Whoops no, that’s me. 



  1. Why? Is it better?

  2. Yes, Gees, is this better? It is easy to transfer over as well. It seems like wordpress have more facilities Franky. You can just transfer over and import everything on your old blog. I will add all my links soon Franky.

  3. Franky all you do is create an account. Log in. The you go into the dashboard bit, go into the management bit and then import. It will ask you to enter your google address thingy and then you press import. It’s really simple. This thingy has spellcheck too!

  4. Trouble is my counter has been set to zero now and I am not up to speed with all features yet.

  5. Sod you, Twining. Now you’ve got me at it and I’m having to learn everything all over again. Shan’t be available for work this weekend. So there.

  6. Bleedin’ hell wid youse lot stop beggaring aboot min.
    Noo I’ve tae ficker aboot wi’ a’ my linx!

    Blogger to I die! It’s googletastic!

  7. Twining; Heeeelllppp! You got me into this mess. How on earth can I write something inside a widget? I’ve tried all ways.
    PS. U can e-mail me if u like; dickiebo@ntlworld.com

  8. S’OK mate. Done it.

  9. Just popped in to see what’s what. The usual I see. Nice of you to give me a mention. See you soon.

  10. I turn my back for 2 seconds and you go and change everything.Humpf. I’ll sort out the link on my blog a bit later today.

  11. Roses I am going to add you and annette and whichendbites also. Ranter, I thought you were extinct? Shame.

  12. Get working on the widgets in the sidebar mate.

  13. Oh stop it, Twining, you know you like a good debate! When you say something worth one I’ll get back to you.

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