Police Officers believe it….

June 29, 2007

Whether we like it or not we are in a war. The police in a war? I think so. Communities might go pink and fluffy but just a day or so ago another terrorist plot was foiled.

So who really is responsible for the home made explosive bomb left in a Mercedes in Central London? This is one burning question at this moment in time when we are so close to the anniversary of 7/7.

Perhaps as this day draws closer we must remain more vigilant. We have a new Home Secretary, but what does this person know about what causes terrorism or does the Government just believe in pass the parcel with this important role? There are no answers here.

Perhaps I am wrong but foreign policy, Iraq, British Muslim identity and loyalty are all in some way linked to global terrorism. I have no doubt that Islamic fundamentalists must be asked serious questions about their loyalties to Britain. And faith should never cause this level of terror, but the truth is it does.

One can only support the ongoing brave work of colleagues working the underground and Central London, because London remains a high profile target in the days to come. After all this kafuffle the Government and institutions argue about giving us the Queen’s Medal to us, and equally argued about the Victoria Cross I think and the giving of this Honour to  a fallen colleague in the North, murdered by a terrorist.

Just look at the Queen’s honours and how it relects on the yes men and women. This really is a game of pass the parcel. I am sorry to say but even I fear that it is only a matter of time before we see an officer’s life taken in a terrorist attack, probably in Central London. I wonder if Jackie Smith understands this reality. I wonder if ACPO understands this and finally I wonder if the Muslim Council of Britain understands this. 



  1. I’m not sure where the answer lies. Or where it all began. You are so right in saying that faith (which ever faith it may be) should never cause this level of terror.All I do know is that we all owe a huge debt of gratitude to those who prevented another huge tragedy. Which ever faith they belong to, may they remain safe and continue to do their job so well.

  2. Excellent police work.To foil those bombers.It would have been traumatic if those car bombs had gone off.With respect,The new Home secretary, Jacqui Smith, would have been advised about these incidents Twinning.The same as anyone else in that position.I’m sure she will do a good job.I blogged about this some time ago.Tony Blair wanted to bring in a new Terrorism law, giving the police far more power to detain these people.Unfortunately, it was voted out by the M.P.s!

  3. Amen Minty.

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