2007 – a time of change for New Labour

June 30, 2007

Is it me or is David Milliband a copy of Tony Blair? Note the eyes. Note the hairstyle. Note the SMILE!  And did you hear him on his appointment as he talked about leadership just like Blair does. He looks like Blair, behaves like Blair and even speaks like Blair. This is shocking, shocking I tell you and news for CAMEROON. Gordon Brown is perhaps a force to be reckoned with. This latest cabinet reshuffle is  interesting though. Why put Alistair darling in charge as Chancellor? The man behaves like a ghost. And  David’s young brother is also in the cabinet? And what about the Conservative defector, goes straight to Northern Ireland? Brown does have his wits about him it would apear, as Prescott goes and Straw remains. In offering posts to Sir Paddy Ashdown, (Secretary for Northern Ireland), and Ming Campbell we see that Brown is a real freshie. One now wonders how Cameroon will respond. Perhaps there is a Cameroon lookalike in the Tory party?  



  1. Tagged no way. You can’t tag me.

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  3. OK OK I give in.

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