July 3, 2007

What is it with people that actually when they grace someone else’ blog they are sarcastic, demeaning, etc. I hadn’t heard from ranter for some time, (thank God I thought), but I see that he, ranter, who is 50+, is alive and well, but quite fed up of living in Britain.

A regular contributor to Inspector gadget’s blog ranter does one thing well, and only one thing, he rants. Apparantly there is nothing new on my blog according to ranter. It’s funny really that he views race relations in this way. And then he mentions Dame Elton John and a handbag. Ranter is typical of the academic ideocracy of a forgotten Colonial age. Apparantly I like a good debate also.

Ranter you are not even in my league dear fellow. But this post is dedicated in some way to you, that you may actually feel enlightened and  like people that are different.

I read Southwest’s article on the Ghurka soldier refused a visa to enter for medical treatment and urge you towards that direction. The fact is we can’t  abuse people like this soldier, plain and simple. What a shame that we have people in power with low IQ’s and no respect for diversity.   


  1. I knew it, you really do like me. The ‘academic ideocracy of a forgotten Colonial age’ – blimey, what sociology course was that on? Very good indeed. My dear Twining, I really do enjoy some of your stuff, you must believe that, and sometimes you do hit the nail on the head about what is wrong with the police service anyway- hence my occasional visits. The rest, well, it isn’t my cup of tea. But, thanks for the special mention. I do ‘exactly what it says on the tin’!

  2. Ranter, I don’t hate you. Jesus did you just give me a complement? Me, I haven’t done a sociology course! Actually I am glad that you enjoy some of what I say.

  3. Credit where credit is due and all that! You strike me as a sensitive chap, who clearly has genuine concerns. That could be a description of me. We just approach these from different perspectives and at times will perhaps grate/irritate/annoy each other. That’s life though isn’t it? Maybe it will all come together one day. Now as a fully paid up member of the British Raj I’m off to sit on the terrace of the bungalow, drink some tea, and watch the servants prepare to move the household up to the hills for the summer. Now that’s colonial for you!

  4. Yes, I am a very sensitive soul. I will give you British Raj dear fellow. Sometimes I laugh at your rants. Sometimes you may be wrong, and hopefully one day I will convert you.

    Until then enjoy the Twining brand of tea. Typical, you have a bungalow too! I do care and one day when I write my book, ranter, you will be in it.

    So do pop in from time to time, and add some comments on other bits too. There’s a good chap.

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