Indian Doctors questioned over Glasgow – GLOBAL TERRORISM

July 6, 2007

The following is on yahoo news. This is interesting because the four suspects arrested are said to be Indian. The names Mohammed Haneef and Ahmed are Islamic names. So, what is new here, is this link to Indian. What is not clear is what passports these individuals hold. Are they Indian Nationals? Or are they British Nationals? The fact remains though that these terrorists purport to follow Islam.

“SYDNEY (AFP) – Police in Australia have questioned five more doctors and raided two hospitals in connection with last week’s car bomb attacks in Britain, authorities said Friday.

The raids came after an Indian doctor was arrested Monday in eastern Queensland state and after at least five other doctors were detained in Britain in connection with the failed car bomb attacks in London and Glasgow.

Police seized evidence from hospitals in the cities of Perth and Kalgoorlie in Western Australia and briefly quizzed four Indian doctors who had previously worked in the British health system, a top officer said.

“They are migrant doctors, of similar nationality and background to the other doctors that are being questioned,” said Australian Federal Police commissioner Mick Keelty of the men questioned in Western Australia.

“A total of four search warrants have been executed in Western Australia,” he said.

The commissioner also revealed that the Australian investigation into the bomb plot had stretched into a third state, New South Wales, where a fifth doctor was being questioned by police.

Channel Ten television said the fifth man was also of Indian background and works in Sydney.

Keelty said the four doctors questioned in Western Australia had been released and stressed that none of the men questioned had been arrested and that authorities were not specifically targeting doctors.

“This is not an investigation into medical practitioners per se, it is an investigation in support of the London Metropolitan Police,” he said adding that there was no heightened terrorism threat to Australia.

Much of the evidence seized in the raids were computers and hard drives, he said.

“We are largely working on high tech material, computer files, which take a long time to work through, particularly if they are in a foreign language,” Keelty said.

Australian Attorney General Philip Ruddock confirmed the raids but said the doctors questioned were not suspected of belonging to any terrorist cell. But they had been linked in some way to other people connected to the case.

“The linkages are with people who are known to each other and that’s prompting the further inquiries,” he said.

The raids and interviews came a day after medical officials in Western Australia claimed that two doctors held by British police in connection with the bomb plot had unsuccessfully applied for jobs in Western Australia.

Australian Medical Association state secretary Geoff Dobb said one of the doctors was Kafeel Ahmed, also known as Khalid or Khalim Ahmed, who was reportedly an occupant of a burning and fuel-laden Jeep driven into Glasgow airport last weekend.

Both Kafeel Ahmed and his brother Sabeel Ahmed, also a doctor, had applied for positions in the past few years, one of them making repeated applications, but had been turned down due to insufficient qualifications, he said.

Reports here said the Ahmed brothers were relatives of Indian doctor Mohammed Haneef, who was arrested in Brisbane on Monday as he tried to leave Australia on a one-way ticket. He remains in custody but has not been charged.”



  1. I suppose ‘Indian’ is a catch-all phrase for Asian. I’d put it down to sloppy journalism. If only that were a crime…

  2. Roses it will be interesting to see what comes out and whether those responsible were in fact Indian nationals. I think the Glasgow pair were probably British Islamic. The question is, what about the one that was fleeing Australia for India? I wonder whether his nationality is Australian or Indian? I think this could be more than sloppy journalism.

    This is the first time in the Western World where there have been links made to India. I guess what I am saying is there is a very direct link to India which has resulted in the Indian PM stating it is not good to suggest these terrorists are Indian or Pakistani. If they are not neither of these, what are they? That is my question.

  3. Update – One of the terrorists was an Iraqi Doctor working in Glasgow.

  4. The Indian PM follows Sikh religion. there was a time when, even the media quoted “Sikh terrorists” (after the killing of former PM Indira Gandhi). He felt insulted during that time.

    Terrorists are terrorists. These religious fanatics dont care for their mother country. I being an Indian truly feel ashamed to call him even an Indian. And it do really pains, when u say Indian terrorist or Pakistani terrorist.

    Afterall they were brainwashed by organisations within Britain. Tommorrow this could be done by a member of the UK society itself. The government truly should not have stopped the process of banning the organisation in 2004, if I am right.

  5. Kiran, firstly may I welcome you to the blog. it is too early to say specifically the upbrining of the Glasgow and London terrorists. I too am ashmed that there are links to India but these terrorists have a distorted view of Islam. Perhaps that is all we can hold on to as good people. There is a flip side to this terrorism also. It is the treatment of minority ethnic people of colour that are particularly disaffected. Kiran you are right also, Imams in Britian have a role to play also, but how removed from reality of Britishness are some of these people. I have seen documentaries and some Islamic preachers are as bad as Nick Griffin. They preach hatred not love. The truth is Griffin gets away with it and this is interesting within Britishness, the disparity between treatment of Black and White. And his words are just as evil. Some of the Islamic ones quite rightly have been deported. This begs the question why were they allowed by Mosques to preach this hatred of the West if this is what brainwashing is. We may find that the majority of Indian Doctors in Australia that are being questioned are just colleagues. Who knows? You are right, we are not all terrorists, this pains me also.

  6. Yes, I do agree with the fact that, it has something to do with the treatment of minority ethnic people. Then these people try to find the reasons for their treatment and finally turn into political or religious extremists.

    The fact is , we can talk or negotiate with political extremists who may be fighting for some political causes. The problems with the religious fanatics is that we just cant talk to them, simply because they just dont trust anybody other than the text and their interpretations.

  7. Hatred of others, preaching hatred, faith, foreign policy, self supremacy and the treatment of disaffected people by those in power, all play a part in the making or terrorists.

  8. The Australian police have reached banglore, India. The banglore police have recovered 2 CDs and a hard disk, (350 GB-just imagine, that one person gave this to his sister for safe keeping when he was abroad), From Sabeels house – the one arrested in Britain. All these have been despatched to the CDAC lab for analysis. By the way, is it the Australian standard time, that is mentioned after each comment. It is 1:00pm in India.

  9. Kiran are you from India? Thank you for your update. This gets sadder for India. When I posted this comment it was 9am in the UK. I will figure out why the disparity in time.

  10. Hi twining, I am from india. eventhough I agree with the fact that the treatment of the minority ethnic people is the major cause for creating terrorists, the case is different here. look at all the plotters, they are well educated and come from Banglore, India which is one of the most advanced and liberal cities in India.

    I myself have been to Banglore. Southern states in india is much much liberal and secular. In fact kafeel, the bomber had worked in INFOTECH , as an aeronautical engineer. He was known to be polite and well mannered to all his colleagues. The mumbai blasts in India which took place on July 11, 2006 too had a similar case where the plotter was an engineer working in ORACLE corporation. This seems to be a new dimension to the entire history of terrorism. How do they brainwash these guys is the question?

  11. Brainwashing plays a part because the brainwasher “sells” a belief system and the terrorists believe it. But the terrorists seem aggrieved also.

    It is nice to know people in India are reading the blogs here. Are you aware of the John Smeaton character who helped to subdue one of the terrorists? I am afraid relgion has a part to play also and false beliefs of Jihad and paradise are also an entity that “sellers” get stsudents to prescribe to.

    Let us know about the incident in India you are talking of. What device was used? How many were injured or killed? Wow I have an Indian reader from India. How did you find the blog? This new dimention you talk about. Please explain.

  12. Sure, it is only yesterday I happened to know u twining. U are a in the police. The Indian police too is looking for connections between the Mumbai and Glasgow bombing. The fact is the brothers had left India very close to the days when the Mumbai blasts took place and the plotter was again from Bangalore. The police say he was brainwashed by an LeT(Lashkar-e-Toiba)agent who too has been arrested. The LeT is an organisation involved in terrorism in Kashmir, India. It is based in Pakistan. More details of the mumbai train bombings can be found in wikipedia


    Around 200 people were killed and another 714 others have been injured. A mixture of RDX and ammonium nitrate was used to make the explosive. I found the blog in google, when I searched for things like “australian blog+glasgow”. I wanted to know what other people in other countries think about the whole incident.

  13. Kiran this is an excellent thread. Thank you for your contributions to date. I am sorry that so many were injured or killed in Mumbai. Interestingly the brothers left India around the same time of the Mumbai blast. You bring good information to the debate and for operational officers. If there are links, these terrorists appear to be against anything that is not ISLAMIC. This appears critical. Why would they do something like this in Mumbai? Please advise us.

    I think I can speak on behalf many good police officers here that read this blog in passng our condolences in relation to the Mumbai massacre. I have said all along that terrorism = racism and vice versa. Please do continue to contribute and my email address is included on the blog somewhere. God bless. Does everyone know how you can identify ammonium nitrate and RDX?

  14. There has also been another incident in Banglore itself, where one of the most important educational institutions was attacked by terrorists. The INDIAN INSTITUE OF SCIENCE in Banglore was attacked by terrorists on December 28,2005. More details are available in the following link


    I have heard that RDX looks exactly similar to sugar and that is why terrorists rely more on that as it gets easily passed during routine checks. Is that true?

  15. The choice of Mumbai is obvious. This is because it is the best place, where you can grab attention and it is the business city of India. I said “attention” because there were Mumbai serial bomb blasts in 1993 by the Mumbai underworld which rocked the entire country. The terrorists might have expected to cripple the Indian economy, just like after the 9/11 attacks. I am not so sure on this.

  16. Kiran are you saying that these terrorists in the India bombings purport to represent Islam? Do we know their identities, as in where they grew up?, where they schooled? Whether they have links to the West?

  17. Recently the Indian media have been mentioning that the father of the brothers arrested in uk was associated with Jamaat-e-Islami and had worked in the West Asian hotspots.

    Regarding the terrorists who plotted the Mumbai massacre, it is believed that both the plotter and the brothers arrested in Britain worked in banglore at the same time as I have mentioned earlier. The Mumbai plotter is believed to have gone radical under the influence of an LeT(Lashkar e Toiba) at Banglore.

    LeT, if I am right figures in the list of terrorists groups listed by the US which have got connections with Al Qaeda. And LeT is a terrorist organisation which sticks to Islamic interpretations.

    Twining, regarding the questions u have asked, I dont have any information regarding the background of these plotters. If I get something, I will put it in the blog.

    By the way where is Shireshire. I could not find it in google earth.

  18. Twining, this is a news website I happened to find. I think it is worth going through it.


  19. It is believed that one of the suspects in the Mumbai blasts is hiding in the UK. Thats what the report above (in the link says).

  20. Kiran, Shireshire, is my name for my Force. You will see that police blggers don’t actually say which Force they work in and there is good reason for this. The links are axcellent by the way. Here’s a quote from the above link.

    “The Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad and Intelligence Bureau (IB) may step up efforts to trace the alleged key 11/7 plotter Raheel Shaikh, who is said to be hiding in the UK.” Has anyone here in the UK heard of Raheel Shaikh?

  21. I can guarantee u that this guy should have gone out of uk by now, or is doing everything to get out. Best of luck twining.

  22. Hey you haven’t got a picture of this chap have you?

  23. Some information about Raheel can be obtained here.


    Regarding his picture, I did not get anything from The Indian media.

  24. Since u are managing the blog, I think u should be having my email id in which case, I dont mind u sending me a mail. I cant find your email id anywhere here. In case I get any photo I can send u one then.

  25. If I am right, he has an interpol red corner (as per the link I sent u on july 16) against him in which case u can access his pictures directly.

  26. Bad news. The link would give u the reason.


    The media is giving the right information. If that is true, then I would say u have a very dangerous person in UK.


  28. Twining, I got ur mail. I have sent a reply. There was a small error in what I meant in the last comment. “The media need not be giving the right information always.” That is what I meant. It just went the otherway when I typed. Sorry.

  29. Twining, check this immediately.


    It says Mumbai ATS have traced Raheel in UK, in a garment industry.

  30. Kiran, I have checked, you are safe here.

  31. I would like to know the opinion regarding the detention of Haneef, the Indian born doctor arrested in Australia. The police have not been able to charge him. The court granted him bail. He was immediately arrested for not passing a character test under the immigration laws. the reason is that he is a relative of the suspects.

    It seems Haneef has co-operated with the police throughout the investigation. I feel it is the lack of experience of the Australian government in dealing with terrorism related aspects. As long as a person is co-operative, we should not be arresting him. Afterall it is affecting the reputation he has made all through his life. Cases related to terrorism should be handled differently.

  32. Twining, there has been a doctor too involved in the mumbai blasts. He was the technician who devised the bomb. More in the following link.


  33. I simply don’t know about Haneef Kiran. Why did he flee? Was it a coincidence? If there was any inkling of terrorism he would have been charged.

  34. It is said, Indians are blind to the “bitter truth” in Kashmir. It has been alleged by some students of an Indian University
    (described as “a group of ‘adventure junkies,’ who travelled across Kashmir and interacted with students and people that almost all Indians are casually ignorant about the Kashmir conflict and about the realities of issuess of violations of the Human Rights in Kashmir.

    This has been picked up and utilised by propagandists who claim the Indian media is biased and has been persistently “feeding lies” to the Indian public.

    Read more kashmir myths – abuses ONLY by indian forces

  35. PLAYING CLEVER, terror outfits in Jammu and Kashmir are using women to remove the ‘hurdles’ in their way. According to highly placed sources, terrorist organisations in J & K have been asked by their mentors across the border to take the help of the women over ground workers in hitting at security officials, actively involved in anti-terrorist operations.

    Read more Terrorists use women against Indian army in Kashmir

  36. Hai twining, it seems we have two more to the blog. Hai to u both. To the new kiran, I would like to suggest to use your last name or something to differentiate between us.

    It has been reported that haneef was arrested at the airport when he was about to book his return ticket. He did not do it earlier since he did not have adequate money with him.

    The fact that he was arrested initially is ok, especially his moves were suspicious. but how the police managed them later was surely wrong.

    I can understand u Mansi. I am happy that u have made a page on the net. It’s really good. The truth is that even if a person does a bad thing in kashmir, and he happens to be an indian soldier, the entire issue is used to portray the character of the indian army.

    It should be seen as part of an individuals behaviour rather than that of the army. Afterall the Indian government or any institution will not order to do such things.

  37. What worries me at the moment is the use of women by terrorists. This appears to be a new tactic. Hello to the new Kiran and Mansi, where are you all from? The problem here in the UK is we forget Kashmir, yet we remember Madrid, probably because it’s closer to home.I too am guilty of this.

  38. twining, it is not only u who forget kashmir and remember madrid. the truth is, we too are like that. it is only that the reason is different.

    it is not that we forget kashmir(it is always there). but we forget many kashmiri terrorism related incidents happenining anywhere in india. the reason is , it have been happening every now and then. Nowadays even the stock exchanges dont react except when it strikes mumbai(the business capital).

    the indian economy was the one(among the two,other is CHINA) that still maintained a positive growth inspite of 9/11 attacks in that year. i think it is mainly because it is new to the west, in your own land from these kind fundamentalists. so the media too responds in a similar manner. i would say, an incident similar to glasgow bombing may not even remain a headline in the indian media for more than 1 day.

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