July 2005

July 9, 2007

stockwell2.jpeg_42454271_omarbbc203b1.jpegWas a bad year in some ways. The service dealt well with the aftermath of 7/7 and those that had been foiled by thier own lack of understanding on 21/7 were caught and are under trial. But who actually groomed these terrorists? Where were they groomed and what are we doing about this side of things? Does the Muslim community need to own this discourse with some engagement with society?

On  7/7 wherever you were the UK was brought to a standstill to  total disbelief at the carnage and suffering of peoples. These terrorists killed people of different nationalities, British, European, American, Indian, Muslim, but to say a few, were amongst the victims.

All of these were racially or religiously aggravated murders which in one year had gone up through the roof. This is another fact our leaders do not wish to challenge because it may lead to conflict with the Muslim Council of Britain for example. But this is precisely why we as a service fail race relation’s, because of our managers.

Our managers would rather play partnership approaches and ignore the real cosequential issues.

On the 22nd July 2005 there was another incident. The shooting of a Brazilian man by the name of Jean Charles de Menezes by us. At the time of the shooting one of the suspects I believe was still outstanding. His name is Yassin Omar. The shooting of de Menezes has, I believe, caused alot of officers to hang their heads in some shame. Just look at the two pictures above. How on earth does de Menezes look like Yasssin Omar?

The intelligence should have filtered de Menezes out as a mistaken identity very quickly. In fact intelligence recorded referred to his identity as WHITE and there was a question mark here before the shooting. Personally I am ashamed of this mess because by defenition and circumstance it could have been another wrong Black man in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Two days ago I met someone that knew the Commander that was in charge of the Stockwell incident very well. Perhaps there is one word that was used to describe the Commander. I can’t repeat the word here. What I have heard about the ability of this officer is not favourable. The buck lies with this officer, but it has not, has it? One wonder why?

De Menezes was a victim of terrorism, but can we not see that racial sterotyping may have played it’s part. No one wants to talk about this aspect of stereotyping, not the Met, not ACPO, nor the Federation.  What’s worse is we as a service began a cover up. The Government will not remember de Menezes in the same vain as those that died on 7th July and this is another shame that our leaders don’t have the foresight to acknowledge this shambles of a mistake.

And then, we might just as well promote the Commander in charge. I am beginning to see the value those in power place on the lives of people of a similar colour. We can change that.

There are good officers out there who can change this negative stereotyping. It’s just a shame Sir Ian and his “team”, (cha walas and pankhawalas included), haven’t the decency to resolve this issue once and for all.

Personnally I feel the Commander should have been demoted because of the intelligence failures, and the subsequent “cover ups” but hey, i’m just a Black Sergeant. We’re not intelligent enough to understand the bigger picture, or so I am repeatedly told. But the President of the NBPA can be entrusted, (because he might be a puppet), but interestingly he has very limited qualifications in this field. What then are his views really worth other than to mask the reality of race relation’s and policing. All I ask is that we remember Jean Charles de Menezes. Frankly the Commander in this case has played the ultimate card, the “race” card. The old boys network still exists and it matter not if you are WHITE, BLACK or FEMALE. You can still be a part of that club so long as you are admitted in and you toe your bosses line.



  1. ‘The Commander’ is now a Deputy Assistant Commisioner! I think it stinks.

  2. Yes ranter it leaves a sour taste in one’s mouth, and credibility goes out of the window. When tokens are promoted the organisations does not know where and when to stop.

    I am led to believe from a reliable sours that this Commander is one of the Commissioner’s favourites.

    Their might be terrorists amongst our midst and colour but please we must distinguish between terrorists and innocent children. Both the terrorists and the establishment are to account.

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