Mr Jarrett – is just like his bosses! Who are his bosses?

July 12, 2007

I understand that the previous executive of the NBPA who have been criticised for accounting issues by the current executive are now considering some legal action. Oh. Jarrett  SADLY is the current President of this “spoof” body that is supposed to be dealing and heading up race equality for Black people inside the service.

Now here are some facts. Jarrett was indeed part and parcel of the criticisms because he was actually aware of the short comings at the time, so to disassociate himself from the criticisms is a little like too much association with the labour party. Did I say assocation? It is pure “spin” and rhetoric. When asked to comment on the legal action Jarret declined to comment. He probably didn’t understand the question.

Finally the NBPA have succumb to one reccomendation to consider the unfairness of the election process or rather the “grooming” of people like Jarrett and his trusted cronies. And now it’s out in the open it’s better to say he didn’t know. This just goes to show that if you  give some incompetent people power they become like a copy of the things they are indeed trying to dismantle. Now here is another fact, the NBPA co-ordinator rubber stamped his role yearly and was  almost iremoveable, that is until these anomalies came out, but then the Home Office were allegedly aware of these issues in 2001. Guess who “groomed” Jarrett? OK you got it, it was this same co-ordinator.

And Jarrett himself was part of some other fumblings as he tried to secure his power. And I saw the paperwork! My son could have prepared a more competent report than Jarret. So what exactly is Jarret doing in charge? Search me. I’ll be damned if I know. It’s a rather cushy number and guaranteed to bring you an MBE though. Whilst the current executive are trying to distance themselves from the past executive, this is a bit like Mclaren distancing himself from Errikson by sacking Beckham. And what a poor decision this was. Beckham came back. This is pure power or plantation politics within the NBPA. 

Give a Black slave owner some power and see if they do anything to benefit the Black community.  Yes, the NBPA currently really is a “spoof.” So where’s the evidence Sergeant Twining, I hear you ask. Well, have these experts recently commented on gun crime, on human trafficking, on terrorism? Somehow, I don’t think so, but they do wear fancy suits and walk the corridors of power. I nearly forgot, they get their expenses paid too.

Folks be aware of one thing. If you want to complain about the NBPA, forget it, there is no policy in place. You will be bounced from one Barbadian island to India and back before you get any  response. And even then the response will be worthless. Clap as much as you want, hopefully you will be gone soon. Let’s hope that the new President has an ounce of common sense and understanding about them. And yes, he has no boss! So he can get away with incompetency, as he has done.

Indeed those old executive members challenging Jarrett were warned not to take part in the taking of the legs of good Black and Asian colleagues so as to serve the end deeds of Jarrett and his cronies. Now they are in the firing line.

And Jarrett suggested I should not contact him. How incompetent to suggest we cannot contact him? He is allegedly the President of the NBPA and purports to represent us or does he dictate? Of course I emailed him. But then what do the NBPA do. they get rid of the public boards and everything contained on them. One wonders why? Did the boards have evidence of malpractice? I forgot he only represents himself.

Considering I warned the incompetent two years ago, his ego wouldn’t allow him to accept our good thoughts then. and his cronies stuck by him. Jarrett it is time for you to go. Mind you it was time for you to go two years ago. Will the Home office look into the treatment of others by Jarrett? Two years ago 2 of us said the NBPA were not fit for purpose. These incompetents now need to go, there is no two ways about this.



  1. People in high places are just trying to stay in high places!
    It’s the same in all walks of life really. They think only of themselves.

  2. Southwest I agree. But in places like the Met this is dangerous. Keith Blakelock was murdered all those years ago because of poor understanding and these people are fueling the same poor understanding. It’s almost as if, let’s have a post, and keep it for ourselves, yet let’s achieve nothing in the process! Nice avatar by the way! Hey I have had a vistit on the blog from India and he is bringing some good inforamtion re: terrorism in India and the similarities with Glasgow. I did try to knock Jarrett off his perch but was advised to s-d off. Like hell would I s-d off! Me Twining. How dare Jarrett and his cronies advise me to do that. There is a massive cover up now!

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