Spilt second decision – Totally UNPC

July 18, 2007


Most of you will have read this excellent article by a good colleague, and someone that I do not know personally but consider to be a valuable colleague and therefore a freind;  a Sergeant in the Met. For some “techie” reason I cannot add to other blogs, so I thought I would add here. Now, as I understand it UNPC is tooled up and shouts at the man to stop, but the man ignores UNPC. (Ignore a Ninja warrior at your peril is what I say – bad move). The man just runs at him.

One wonders whether video cameras and phones with cameras are directed upon UNPC as he reacts?  I would hope I could place the weapon around my shoulders and disarm the thing so that other colleagues would cover me. Were there other colleagues there?

And if I could I would hit the man as hard as I could with the extendable baton, providing I could see no gun. But if he’s coming at me with a gun, I would shoot him in the hand that is holding the golden gun. You have to remember I am not firearms, and UNPC will always be one of three, three great Ninja warriors to me. 



  1. That poser from UNPC was good. But I admit I did not have to think for very long….in fact the answer came immediately….Shoot. He had a lot of people who said they would shoot the man. The reason is because you just will not have the time to wonder if he has the gun in his hand or not…so you can only come to one conclusion. It is just natural to defend yourself. We are human beings and that is what we do.

  2. cheers dude

  3. I have to say, I will remember UNPC saying some time ago that he would stand side by side with me, and I believe I would be proud to stand by him also. There are many Black colleagues that would rather do my legs because I have never lied about the wranglings in the NBPA. We need genuine good cops like UNPC, even if they wear Ninja hero outfits!

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