Raheel Shiekh, a terrorist believed to be on the UK mainland.

July 19, 2007

25477263701.jpegis his first name, Raheel Shiekh to be precise. If you go to the article, Indian Doctors, etc. that I have written you will see excellent links from a contributor abroad.

It is believed that this terrorist is alleged to have played an active part in recent Indian bombings. Any terrorist is dangerous and has allegedly been located or seen working in a garment factory in the UK.

Our contributor has found a picture of him. This man is wanted and can be extradited. That means he is arrestable. I will try and find out more, but please remember and watch the news, because if he is in the UK he will be caught, or he will be trying to leave via any means, including the airports. I would like to think airports are on the alert for him.

Images have been stopped of this individual and they are extremely rare. I do understand he does not like taking photographs, but equally if he is wanted, he may be being watched, hence the difficulty in finding an image.

If the picture saves a Met Officer from harm and results in detention then it was the right thing to do. My thanks to someone as far away as another Continent on getting this picture. It’s a scoop for British policing blogs. 20/07/07 – An update – go to this link – Raheel’s picture is there. It’s validity is confirmed.



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