The “nigger” word it doesn’t happen….does it?

July 27, 2007

dscf0001_edited.jpg This is me thinking, “Oh Deary me.” Recently at a public council meeting, a Black rastafarian male, who is as good as gold, was referred to as a “nigger.” I believe more was said. The victim heard the word. Other people, both Black and White, heard the word, and a negative colloquialism was used with the word.

It doesn’t matter that the suspect/offender has a profile Council role? Of course the council didn’t do anything to the suspect, surprise surprise. But the investigating officers did all they could. The dreaded CPS, however, then took no action and our Senior officers are led by the CPS. Was it not in the public interest to prosecute.

Some days later realising he would not be prosecuted the suspect refers to the rastafarian in a seperate incident as a “Black Bastard,” not that the CPS have given him free reign to do so, nor do they appear to care. Care being the operative word.

And I thought the 1970’s had passed us by. Clearly the CPS haven’t changed with the times.  Oops I forgot; institutional racism doesn’t exist, not in the CPS it doesn’t!  

This last sentence is inspired by Noddy’s response. Please add your comments and those on the sidebar please please add this article to your blogs. I hope we can raise the bar to anti racism through blogging. Go to this link and see what anonymous thinks of my views, (self centred, etc. Me?)




  1. Have you got the original source for this article? Not doubting you or anything, it just seems incredible that this one wasn’t prosecuted!

  2. Noddy if you mean do I know the Force concerned, the answer is yes. Just keep supporting on your blog my freind.

  3. I am actually shocked the council didn’t reprimand the miscreant. Both councils where I’ve worked in the past were exceptionally sensitive with such matters and were quick to jump down from a great height.

  4. That is terrible. I am shocked that at the very least the Council did not discipline this person. As a public sector employee I would expect anyone to behave like this to be at least disciplined, and possibly shown the door. How on earth can they expect to make it abundantly clear that racism is completely unacceptable by allowing any Council employee to get away with this behavior. Let alone someone in a high profile position. As for the CPS position, can’t say i’m shocked. “Not in the public interest” seems to be CPS speak for “Not in the CPS interest”.

  5. This sounds awful, but there isn’t much information here. What offence was he alleged to have committed? As far as I know there isn’t an offence of ‘racism’ (maybe there should be). He’d have to be charged with racially aggravated something-or-other. Can you clarify?

  6. Section 5, racially aggravated, causing harassment, alarm, distress. The offender was on a council group, so he’s not strictly an employee. Hey, this is life I guess. The Black rastafarian was present when the Head of a committee, the offender, referred to him in this way. There were other Black and White people, who were offended. The offender for some reason sees the rastafarian as a problem. In interview I believe he denied making any racial remark. So he walks! Witnesses, however, heard him use the remark in a detrimental manner. It’s like he was putting the rastafarian down, mentally demeaning him, and other Black people too.

    You know what, personally now I am tired of standing up and saying, “hey this ain’t right.” The b – – – – – – s just don’t listen and it gets wearing. Let’s be about right, the killers of Lawrence used the same word in 1993. The CPS are really with it, but why couldn’t our senior officers do anymore. The Hate Crime Officer on Area never picked it up until I had raised my concerns.

    What the f – – k do we employ hate crime officer’s for? In my Force they are deemed as “experts.” He ain’t no expert, just a cog, to make people look good. I wonder how qualified this hate crime officer really is? Yeah, now they will meet with CPS, but the meeting will be for meeting’s sake and so the hate crime officer can show they do something whilst the hard work of challenging is left to a few who are left on the margins. We will never be recognised. But these so called experts don’t even understand what it is they are dealing with, a CPS in denial! Who really are the experts one wonders? It ain’t the people we employ in hate crime roles for sure. I have had to advise some regularly and you know what, they are used as tokens. They are just puppets who cannot deal with the SMT’s. Like soldiers we continue….

  7. Twining – I know you will continue to stand up and be counted. Even if you are tired of doing so. To me it’s so simple. My Mum taught me as a kid about Mrs “Do as you would be done by”. Basically she meant, we should treat others as we would wish to be treated. No person should be treated badly because of their sex/race/colour etc. Even if you disagree with their viewpoint, you can do so without being personally abusive. If I have read your post correctly, he could be seen as representative of Council views. Therefore, he is subject to council discipline. If he is an elected member of council then there are various codes of conduct to which he (and others) must adhere. This wasn’t an innocent slip up- no matter how riled he may have been. This was blatant abuse.

  8. I’m with Minty. The Council has a code of practice to follow and even if they’ve just been going through the motions, they’ve still got to abide by the CRE guidelines. If there were of witnesses they should go to the Council and lodge a complaint. There should also be an Ombudsman if the Council doesnt act on it. If you like send be the name of the Council and I can try and access their policies etc on-line for information on how to lodge a complaint. Failing that there is always the relevant government minstry in Whitehall. I completely forget who’s got Local Government in their portfolio. There’s also the CRE.This doesn’t have to be done yet, just because the CPS have decided to roll over and play dead.

  9. Just a quick question: what was the race of Council offical?

  10. I think Minty has it right when he says that all this reflects on your upbringing. I cannot conceive of insulting a stranger – whatever the circumstances. Use of the ‘n’ word is clearly, and generally accepted as being, offensive, and should be treated accordingly. That being said; I have had 50 years of ‘anti-racism’ rammed down our throats, and what good has it done? None. Surely it’s time to learn the lessons. Whatever they may be. (Personally, I think it should be treated for what it is; Insulting Behaviour. No more, and no less).

  11. Wheres the original report dude? Did it make the papers? Where has this come from?

  12. Twining. Who’s the sweeney ? Is this you or someone else blagging your name ? Only asking because of some messages I’ve had. Cheers……..WEB

  13. Ok folks, some answers for you.

    (1) Did it make the papers? No. It’s a local Force issue UNPC. The source is entirely trustworthy. UNPC, I know I would class you as a mate and I hope you can trust my word on this. If I reveal much more the source could be…….., what’s the word? Yes you know what I mean……

    (2) Whichendbites, yes The sweeney is me, sometimes to hide our names we have to add some name to an email account. The emails that have been sent are from me. Pity I don’t know how to amend it to The Pink Panther!

    (3) Roses, wow! You have come up with some excellent views.

    (4) I will email you guys the context. I have researched the context in which the word was used. And basically it isn’t funny.

    (5) Dickie – You’re right, two counts of insulting behaviour, but the offender, if we don’t nip this in the bud, will continue. Unfortunatly the CPS would not accept your views on the use of the “n” word as offensive in these circumstances. I expect they want an assault before they take action in relation to race hate.

    (6) Excuse my French, but the Council have cocked up, the CPS have cocked up; the investigating officers stuck their necks out, but this is what COLLECTIVE FAILURE IS ALL ABOUT. the investigating officer’s had to advise the rastafarian male of the CPS decision. And we should have ignored the CPS, that’s our mistake. We know that the context of this word was used to murder Stephen Lawrence and OK, this offender is not that bad perhas, but racism breeds racism, that’s why I asked for all your help on this one.

    (7) Minty, yes, I will continue, because I know there are good people on side. Not one other Black person inside has stood besides, not one in total over time. They are too busy with their careers. This is what I mean when I talk about tokens. At least you guys and girls have said something. With all respect to Inspector G, I can understand the frustration when the lady from Diversity comes in, but that is not what it is about, and she is probably a token, out of her depth, but this is what race relation’s is about.

    (8) I have thought long and hard about this. To find my source, PSD will have to consider their reasons carefully. None of what I say brings the police into disrepute.That is not the intention. The intention is to change things. It was suggested that the rastafarian male was a problem and there was some clear words used about placing him in woodpile. The word “nigger” is not used offensively here by me, and placing a Black man in a woodpile means one of two things. A woodpile is brown, hence the reference to the Black man. This is how slaves escaped from slavery in woodpiles, some were cut up, some were burnt, but it can also mean placing a Black man in a woodpile in terms of referring to the Black man as a problem. It is individuals like this who suggest we are problems that are the problem. This rastafarian, however, is not the problem, the problem is the INDIVIDUAL who used the term. As Dickie says, this is racially insulting. It’s a pity the CPS don’t see this.

  14. The problem with Diversity training is, it is just, lip service. So our employers can tick the box to say they have delivered it and therefore any nasty incidents are down to the trained staff. And it’s overcooked – as a white person I am not insulted by someone drinking white coffee, so why would a black person be insulted by black coffee? Black is not a dirty word, every black person I know describes themselves as such and is proud of it. I don’t think it is just about race- nobody has the right to abuse another for whatever reason. I just hate bigots.

  15. Minty I have argued this for most of my service. Diversity training is appauling. Yet some tokens deliver it, and they don’t have a clue about what they are delivering. All 43 Forces use these people. Forces also call Black people they use “experts.” I will never be an expert, but these so called “experts” are a mouthpiece to say everything is fine. Is it really fine when I use this example today?

    Tokens don’t help the service or operational service delivery; they simply help themselves and also help their managers get further up the tree. I don’t like bigots, but I don’t hate them. You are right Minty, I don’t care abour Black or White coffee, this issue is PC. The issue we are dealing with here is not PC. The issue at stake here is malice. I reckon it’s happened more than twice anyway, but just think if these were kids of Stephen Lawrence’s age. Wouldn’t a fight ensue? The PC chawalas and pankhawalas in the service simply don’t recognise this. It’s too soft an issue for their careers.

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