The answer’s here somewhere.

July 30, 2007


“Eh-hum, toodley doo, CPS Lawyers, yoo huu, are you down there? You know what happens when one buries one’s ghastly head in the sand Dear Boy? Well, before one knows it one might just get a splendid kick up the backside Old Boy.  Perhaps we can discuss the word “nigger” here undeground. Toodley – pips. Cup of tea old boy?

Truthfully though people get confused. Yet, it’s so simple. Why is it Ok for Black people to call other Black people, “my nigger?” We hear it in music lyrics. It’s a term of ownership. It’s as simple as that. It takes the racism out of the word. It’s turning a negative word into a positive. If you can’t call me it, then it won’t hurt me, that sort of thing I guess. And yes, I would rather call myself a “paki” rather than some bigot calling me it.



  1. Am I missing the point?

  2. Erm yes, look at the previous entry mate!

  3. I see, sorry mate I must be tired.

  4. You’ve clarified a point that a lot of people misunderstand or are blatantly ignorant of. I have heard some (usually white middle class or, shall we say, uneducated scumbags) that argue “If they use the N word to each other, how come we can’t?”.

    This beggars belief (in my book) to say the least. And, furthermore exposes these people for what they are: Intolerant, Ignorant and Stupid.

    Is it too much to ask people to learn a bit more about other cultures without being lambasted by the oft-times heavy handedness of “Diversity?” I look at that question and I know that the answer is, unfortunately, no. People are lazy and prefer to remain in ignorance rather than get off their backsides and find out for themselves.

    And is it any wonder then that the CPS are this way inclined too? It is blatant ignorance at it’s highest level. Keep fighting the good fight Twining. There are some of us who do listen and take heed.

  5. Gazza, your welcome here anytime. I know there are good colleagues, I work with plenty. It’s some of the middle and Senior management that are problematic. You are also right about the heavy handedness of “Diversity.” Let me just use a few words to describe how Senior Officers and some people view “race” and Diversity in another post.

    We are often beaten aback by, whilst the truth lies within oursleves. And some Diversitywalas don’t have a clue about certain things like stereotyping. We do it, that’s our job, that’s what makes us good police officer’s. Now, you wouldn’t be that Gazza footballer would you? If the truth hit our SMT’s in the face they wouldn’t see it.

    You have given me a good idea about another post. As for the struggle, it is uphill and even I am amazed at the incompetence and inability of the BPA and NBPA movements. It’s another cushy number until one day, in the future eye’s are opened. Then these so called representatives don’t have a choice. But by then how many people will they already have let down. There’s alot of ignorance and mistakes that can be forgiven. Malice and cover ups are the problem for us. its’ good to have good people on side but ultimately as we write our own people will come after us.

  6. From the same neck of the woods (originally) but, alas, not the footballer, although I do tend to get as emotional sometimes.

    Ask Noddy, he’ll tell you who I am. Alternatively:

    I can see your point about ignorance and mistakes being forgiven, but I’d add the caveat that as long as the person learns, grows and develops from them.

    Malice is all too often served by those who are ignorant. One can only hope that as long as decent people stand up and battle these human failings, then voices like yours will not be smothered by the selfish few.

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