A”shambles”, not “Shambo.”

August 1, 2007

(1) In a recent case involving an Asian female she took my Force to tribunal. The Force exchanged statements, increasing the stress on the individual. They left it till the last minute, note the role of HR in this and the SMT. At the last minute they offered the female £10,000 I believe and agreed a COT 3 settlement, ensuring the female would not be able to speak about this case. She accepted.

What has the Force learnt from this incident? What have they shared with the BPA or people like myself to show they have learnt? The Force calls for openness? How open is the SMT and HR? And this is just one case. A total shambles.

Yet we want to recruit minority ethnic people, but we also want to treat them as second class citizens. But look at those in power? And look at their behaviours and decisions? Why can’t we just recruit good police officers? I’ll tell you why, because those in power want to appear liberal and “save” theirs and the reputation of “their” Force. In this shambles we will recruit some that are incompetent also.

As a whole the BPA did not have the balls to challenge, but then this is because BPA’s are weakened by HR and SMT’s.

(2) Some “incompetent” Black people who were a part of the BPA exectutive have now all of a sudden, having used the BPA, and quietening things down whilst cases like the above are being dealt with, have for their own career ends, moved on. 

This is quite an interesting concept of how Black people who are given power can be abused and given carrots at the end of it. Now me, I might be vocifeorus, so?

None of these Black people will talk about these things. Why? because they have used the system and they have allowed themselves to be used. How then does this help us police marginalised Black people?

For example a Senior executive member does not wish to be on the mailing list anymore I believe. Not that he was in any way a puppet. Nor did he assist the female above.

That’s right, join the ride, get on the train, to get from a to B, get promised a career move and then come off the “race” train, damaging race relation’s as you do so.



  1. Could you please explain why she was taking the force to a tribunal in the first place?

  2. Annette, over a period of time, this colleagues was being bullied and harassed. The bullying went on for a couple of years; the management endorsed the bullying. The perpetrator would make very sly and cunning remarks about the BPA for example, and just made life difficult for the individual. It was noticeable. So £10,000 has been paid by the Force, but the perpetrator and Manager still remain in post. None of these individuals involved were police officer’s they were all police staff. I am confident that I have the figure of 10K correct.

  3. Still shocks me that bullying and harassment still goes on even today. I find it hard to understand why on earth anyone would want to take a pop at someone just because of the colour of their skin. Why??? Is it some sad little power trip or something?

  4. Minty, power, and putting people down that are different is a feature of racism I guess.

  5. I suppose history probably very much reflects that.

  6. Minty when we look around at some of the London Boroughs, areas like Wood green, Palmers Green, Hornsey, Southgate, Wembley, Brent, Harrow, Pinner, Stanmore, Brixton, Battersea, and these are but a few, look how Cosmopolitan they really are?

    That’s an excellent sign. We are amongst the best like New York; as far as cohesive communities go. Britain has a lot going for it, but it is the few……and some institutions that need to change.

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