To Roses and Noddy

August 2, 2007

Something Inside So Strong – Vanessa Bell Armstrong

I am quite upset and baffled as I write this note. I had a meeting with a Senior Officer about some concerns I had; genuine concerns that they just seem to “shuffle” away. I am to have another meeting with another Senior ACPO ranking colleague in relation to internal correspondence I had sent. I raised my concerns about issues on seperate matters and  so I am a perpetrator now?

Most of you will be aware that I have raised the ugly issue on the blog about the CPS decision not to prosecute in the case where a suspect abused a rastafarian by using the word “nigger.” Why do we bother?

How am I a perpetrator? Perhaps what I say is not liked. Or am I deemed as  such because they don’t actually listen to what we have to say , and do their own thing anyway? Interestingly one of the persons that I had written to was a manager involved in the 10k payout in “the shambles article.” 

It doesn’t seem to matter that the persons who I emailed might have been adding to the problem of institutional racism, the thing we are trying to deal with here. It’s OK Twining I thought, what they are saying is, just take it, take the slapping. So, I do remain eternally greatful to many people who contribute here. Some of us, some Black people are not troublemakers, we are honest and upfront. We do not engage in game playing, I call it Cowboys and Indians, because game playing doesn’t help the service. It produces people like Hayman and others that may allegedly “lie.”

Our intention is not to get anyone into trouble. Nor am I seeking any payout. I am merely seeking a better place for all, including my children, irrespective of colour.  But we are still made to shut up.

At the moment SMT’s seem more keen to hear what their Senior Officer’s like Hayman have to say as opposed to what we have to say, hey, but what’s new, these are the wranglings of SMT’s. And Hayman and people like him are deemed experts? See  Roses, Noddy, there is “something inside so strong,” and we continue the struggle because it’s the right thing to do. Roses and Noddy may I award you a Twining Oscar each? Roses for being genuine and Noddy for the pictures of the gnomes. 



  1. Honey, it sounds like you’re knee deep in do-do. What you do next must be dictated by your conscience. You’ve made your objections known, several times formally. It isn’t your remit to follow through on the actions against the council.

    I don’t think you should bang your head against this particular wall, you’re only going to hurt your head further and your sanity and that of your family, must come first. Take some time to cuddle those you love. Be content in the fact that you are doing everything in your power to change things and keep on going.

  2. Ah “do-do.”

  3. I’m with Roses. Do your best, follow your conscience, but remember you can do a whole lot more good just where you are.
    Take care. x

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