Did he or didn’t he?

August 2, 2007




I know which one of the above is a real man. Do you? The above link article relates to Hayman, the Senior Police Officer that heads up the Met’s anti terrorism department. The IPCC report into the Met and it’s Senior Officer’s dealings surrounding the information withheld over the Jean Charles De Menezes shooting is out.

The question is did Hayman “lie”, and if he did, what happens next? Wait I know the answer to that one. They’ll promote him. That’s what happened to Dick. I am certainly not saying that Dick lied. What I am saying is ultimately Dick was in charge but was not held accountable. How many people lied  and colluded in this?

Respect also to PC Bloggs in remembering Mr Jean Charles de Menezes in what she describes as a very “British” fiasco. The truth is Hayman is totally out of order.  He has demeaned “race” relations. And as previous examples go he probably won’t be held to account either. Ding Dong you are the proud recipient of a Twining Gong, (for failure to act in accordance with the Race Relation’s Amendment Act.) I have to say Hayman and Managers like him are false politicians that damage race relation’s.


  1. I seem to recall at the time of the shooting, that it was alleged that the Brazilian was illegally in this country. Was that true, do you know?

  2. Dickie, it was suggested at the time that De Menezes was an illegal immigrant. I can’t find a source, but my belief is he may have overstayed and there was a technicality. I am certain that over the air, as he was leaving the said premises he was described as an IC1 male, and there was a question posed as to whether this was the “correct” target as in Osman. The male that was wanted was IC4. There’s a big difference here both the ethnicity and the questionning of whether de Menezes was the correct target might have been corrected by someone Senior, yet we all followed suit.

    I have a belief or theory and that is that we were so hyped up at the time because of the failed bombings that we stereotyped, and red mist followed suit. But no one will admit to stereotyping. Even then the misleading of the media was arguably deliberate. Now, whether this was too appease any concern of an uprising from the Islamic community, I don’t know, but I would hazard a guess and suggest the powers to be had this in the back of their minds.

    The police had got it badly wrong and racial stereotyping was a part of this. But Dickie as they keep arguing in my Force, I am not an “expert” on race relation’s, equally they would rather argue that the “token” Black officer’s that say nothing are “experts.” The Commissioner may have known how wrong his Force had got it. He argues he had no idea and he further argues he trusted his Senior Team. If Hayman lied, he is untrustworthy.

    You cannot be dishonest in the field of race relation’s and hope that the minority community will trust you. If the community does not trust you it will fight you. They won’t fight Hayman, but they will fight the Operational Officer that is unlucky enough to meet their anger. Let’s go back to the 80’s. The community took out their anger on Blakelock, and if the service lies, this scenario may just happen again.

  3. “The community took their anger out …”
    I have to say that it was the black community!

  4. Dickie, it was, you are right. The next community to do this will be young and Muslim men I fear. It’s already happened in Oldham and Burnley. These places are still like waiting to go up.

    Muslim people in Glasgow and Scotland feel polarised. And there is reverse racial tension there on both sides. Who will be the first to suffer when it all goes up? The first Officer’s at the scene…I dare say.

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