Sat pondering…

August 9, 2007

Last week I sat pondering. My Inspector said, the Supt wants to see you, the Secretary should have emailed you. In intrepid fashion I checked my emails. There was nothing.

I let it go initially; I would rather forget than give anyone that wishes to oppress us further any time. The Inspector collared me again. This time he said, I should ring the Super’s secretary. I took a gulp and just dialled, hoping there would be no answer. “Have I an appointment to see the Super,” I asked. She replied, “Yes at 12.” I gulped and thought, “You or the Super could have told me. Thanks, as usual we are left to know at the last minute.”  

I thought I could get by, but there was too much playing on my mind, the case involving the word, “nigger”. The Super wasn’t aware of this one. I just went to the gym beforehand. On top of that I had given some information about another case where a Black lad had been assaulted, and there was some suggestion he was being pursued again. The control room had failed to cloak the information, which meant my source was evident as I was. And the suspect is a handful. He also lives in the same area.

All it takes is someone to talk out of hand and we get a knock on the door.  Intelligence in race cases and how it is handled is critical. How do you think I felt? What was the Super’s message? Any ideas before I reveal some facts?



  1. Promotion?

  2. Not quite Noddy!

  3. Stats and the need to keep on top of them….?

  4. Well I hope it wasn’t along the lines of MY meeting with the Supt…I’m out on my ear…has the word got out that you have used THE word here on WordPress ?

    Or could it just have been time for a patronising chat so that he could tick the Sensitivity box, ready for his next board ?

  5. Well at least someone told you and you never found out by email. I would imagine that it could be something unpleasant from or a slanted view of someone else’s perspective. You could perhaps be made the next ‘commissioner for a day’ as long as you entered the competition in the first place.

  6. I so wanted to avoid the Super…..When it comes to it, it really does feel like a big gang. Hhm interesting last words there, whichenddbites, “Commissioner for a day.” That’s a fantastic title for a piece.

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