Twining is searching for something…..

August 21, 2007


…and thinking. Any ideas anyone? Oh yes, and by the way who gets Twining’s vote for Commissioner?



  1. I hope I’m not being too forward on this, but personally, I think PC South West should be Commissioner. He is intelligent, sensible and his one liners are hilarious. He would be great because he could get out of any situtuation with his quick thinking and humour.

  2. A what me, quick thinking and intelligent, it’s not true you know. I want my brief.

  3. Think someone is having a laugh by using other peoples usernames.

  4. I’d like to nominate Dickiebo. He seems to be such a charming man. And………he luvs ya all!

  5. Try again folks!!! Southwest you can’t have two goes at this. By the way in the picture I have got the dreaded ball. It’s a bit like the monkey. You want to give the monkey away, a bit like the ball you see. Does that makes sense? I want to give the ball away but it has come back to me? It’s a bit like Twining saying, “Chiefsy have this ball, (race), and Chiefsy replies, “No Twining you have it.” Twining then says, “Well Sir, I don’t want it.”

  6. See what I mean?

  7. I will do the tag, promise! just been a bit busy lately & giving it a bit of think (Believe me, thinking is a rare thing indeed in my world! :D)

  8. GND it’s OK. Nice to hear from you. Thanks for passing the message on to Thin Blue Line. Just think what it would be like to have a young woman with fresh ideas as Commissioner. God, the world would change.

  9. Miss Pink Cat – for both questions!

  10. Thats ok :). Personally, I think my talents would be better utilised as PM. I could kick out all the numptys then & pass decent laws! Lol. Tag is done, admittedly one point was a joke, just because I couldn’t resist 😀

  11. Sorry folks, but Twining’s vote for Commissioner is well, erm, me….That’s not because Dickie is retired, or Noddy wears a skirt, GND is GND. I quite like a kilt, but I am doing what simply our managers do, PROMOTE themselves. Indeed I am in the process of buying this attire. Therefore I vote for me, me , me. Sir Ian, I vote you out. Hope you folks liked the picture of me and the tennis racket.

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