Guess who?

August 22, 2007


If you go back a few articles you might find an answer. By the way these are none of my Comrades. Nor are either of these the Chief Constable or the Deputy for that matter. So who are they? Er no, not anyone from the NBPA either because I am a part of that you see!



  1. a boon pig on the town ?

  2. Our police support staff!

  3. Surely there are better efforts to follow though I have no idea what a boon pig is.

  4. No idea, we need a clue.

  5. Pee Pee, I think ‘Cuddles’ is back and he’s a racist to boot. Let’s just say boon is a US slang word for afro-americans and a shortening of one of the other primates. Very mature of you anon!

  6. I see Noddy so there is a racist on line.

  7. Ah yes, the extremely erudite & educated anon….Sorry Twining, no real solid idea although there is maybe one kicking about in my head. Need a bit more of a think…. 🙂

  8. Don’t you just think that actually the one on the right looks like the actor from Men In Black? As for the one on the left, looks a bit like Ross Kemp, who is a wonderful actor. It’s a great picture.

  9. Have a look in your dashboard at the comments tab and this will give us the IP address for cuddles. Thats one good thing about wordpress. Racist as well us just plain rude!! (This is from Southwest.)

  10. Anon if you want to continue with your abuse I will have no problem in contacting NTL cable about your behaviour! Or I could just post your details on my blog if you would rather. I have your customer number so you have been warned. Amazing what you can do with an IP address!!

  11. Nice one PCSW! Personally, I would contact NTL cable. He/she/it has left so much abuse of varying degrees on most blogs I read that it would be no bad thing if their connection was taken away from them.

  12. OK OK I give in. I will tell you all who I think this image reminds me of. If you go back a few articles, well there’s a mention of the CPS doing their excellent poor service to everyone, in this case, there was a Black victim of racism. Therefore it’s got to be The CPS. This is the CPS in their suits and glasses through which they cannot even see that the “N” word is racially offensive. Interestingly the only person that was close to getting the correct answer was me!

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