A Twining Oscar is awarded to Girl Next Door

August 26, 2007


The above on the right is a picture of Twining Oscar and this is awarded to Girl Next Door,


for her article on what she would do if she was Commissioner. On the left is a picture of a WALLY. I will come back to this WALLY later. Typically, GND did as a blonde person is expected to, (a stereotype that seems to apply in this case), she put in more than the requested 5 changes that I tagged her with. No matter cos there’s something inside so strong, (Labby Sifre). Girl Next Door does mentions the removal of Support Associations and I think there is a common theme here. My personal take on this is that whilst the powers to be control the quality that goes into these support associations, then there will be incompetence inside and we will not like what we hear. She also mention s very good changes. Well done GND.

We should celebrate difference and like Noddy, we should partake in painting gnomes Black, or wearing the Kilt. We need to raise awareness in the Federation as well. And if anyone hasn’t been on to Dickiebo’s site, you will see that hehas awared a wally award to some Chief. Hmm, it’s a bit like Twining’s OSCARS and GONGS. 


I second the WALLY award in this case. Iit is absurd to suggest that we do not employ White officer’s. That’s a  cop out; and only a WALLY would suggest this. People want good quality police officer’s. They rarely care  what colour or gender police officers are. Numbers will not change hearts and minds inside the police service, nor how we treat minority people inside or outside. This chap is typical of the PC silly side of policing. It’s a bit like saying, “We can’t change attitudes, so we’ll change the colour of police officers.”  Any Gloucestershire officer’s reading this might wish to pass the mention of the WALLY award on to this fine chap.



  1. Yes but isn’t gingerism just as pernicious as racism?

  2. I am actually a near on redhead Twining, but with a blonde nature! Lol. Oh and the females getting an extra hour lunch break & makeup pouch was a tease. Could work though! Thank you for the Oscar, I haven’t even got an acceptance speech sorted yet. As for the Gloucestershire wally, I would email this to him but I don’t want to sabotage my chances of getting in before I’ve even started.

  3. I have to say I laughed at the first comment here when I read it because I have no idea what pernicious means J. Ginger and red are good colours as are all colours. GND I am glad you liked the Oscar and it’s well deserved I say. I am sorry that I cannot add comments to your blog. There appears to be a technical problem my side and I haven’t a clue. I do note you corrected the man who made comments about the waiter. Brilliant. GND, all we have when we tackle racism and bigotry is the NBPA. It’s not effective sadly, but people like me are not allowed in. We are deemed a threat. The only thing we can do time and time again is do as you did with the waiter, challenge. As for the WALLY award I think it has been deservedly awarded.

  4. Maybe you are showing your age if you thought the Monkeys were a boy band mate, they probably were in your day. lol

  5. I have to say I prefer the OSCAR to the WALLY.

  6. Me too, but if I get in the wally will be/is my Force’s Chief Constable…… Do you think I should tell him I could do the job better, that I’ve got an OSCAR to prove it? Hahahahaha! :D.

  7. Erm I think you could tell him we both could do the job somewhat better. Like I say, I THINK YOU COULD TELL HIM, YOU MEANING YOU, but alas I think you should remain quiet for a bit. How did I know that the WALLY was from your Force Area? SpOoky. How did I link your award and the WALLY article? Spooky. Search me, I haven’t a clue. IT COULD ONLY HAPPEN TO YOU. Fancy working for a WALLY recipient.

  8. I would tell him, but if I did that I’d be out of a career before I’d even started probably! Mind you, I could just do a paste poster job around Cheltenham town of him with the WALLY award underneath… Or maybe not. He does strike me as a muppet though, not that I’ve met him but there’s a few things he’s done that hasn’t been good for our local force. They should put me in charge of Glos police, would solve so many problems! Lol

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