Mutilculturalism at it’s best

August 29, 2007


Now, I am not an expert on football, but I have come to love the great game and yesterday it became apparant just how multicultural the game has become. And these people seem to get on with each other despite different faiths and cultures.

And whilst I know little about Peter Crouch, yes him above, I think he was the only English player in the starting eleven for Liverpool. And, don’t get me wrong, I think he’s excellent, but under rated, and he can cause World the best defence very serious problems for for every one stride he takes a defender has to take one and  half strides. And he is awesome in the air. Of course I could be wrong about him being the only Englishman yesterday. 

I only watched the first half and the reds were all over Toulouse. The reds goalkeeper is American. A red head plays by the name of Risse. The Finnish Captain, Hyppia scored a goal. Then there is the Mas…..chappie who comes up with tackles from nowhere. Is he Argentinian?

Watch our for an Israeli; he is already making his mark as an outstanding midfielder who ducks and dives past people; Benayoun. And then there was Kuyt, a Dutchman who seems to turn like Kenny Dalglish.

If the side of 2005 was strong, this side is shaping up to be an  excellent contender as one of the strongest Liverpool teams of all time. And the Coach, well he goes by the name of Benitez, he looks a bit like Don Quixote, but he’s not Spanish, he’s Indian, you see, Benitez has an extended family, Liverpool. 



  1. To be honest I think there are too many overseas players in football and they are all over paid, big time. How can we ever expect to have a world beating international team if we are playing so many foreign players in all our clubs? I am not a big fan of football to be honest but we should never be paying people £100,000 per week to kick a ball. I don’t see them going on strike for better pay. Anyway I imagine they only get along because they have a common goal, because they cant get along with anyone not on their side. PS Twining were you under the influence when you wrote this post?

  2. Foreign players tend to be cheaper, thats why we have so many. When you have to pay 16.5m I don’t blame managers buying foreigners.

  3. Rugby is definitely the game to watch in my opinion 🙂

  4. Southwest yes, PS Twining is short for for Sergeant Twining. I quite like that. Under the influence of her indoors maybe. I thought this was quite a Literary piece. I think we do have a talented National team, but we never have any luck and we have a silly manager who can only manage one task at a time.

    One of the worst decisions in footballing management history was the dropping of David Beckham by Stevie. Now, if we had the Liverpool midfielder from Israel then that would be different but he has not shown what he can do with a dead ball, and we have no one as good as Beckham.

    John N, yes they are overpaid. So, do foreign footballers cost less? Hmmm. GND, rugby, well, the ball was made to be kicked Dear Girl, that’s why the ball is round. Honestly! A ball is a ball, and it’s supposed to be round, not funny shaped. So there!

  5. I buy whoever I like, money no object. I’m a foreigner and you English are so parochial. Even your top Manager’s aren’t English e.g. Jose M, Alex F, Arsene W, Rafa B, Martin J, David M, Martin O’N,Mark H,Billy D,Sven GO, Roy K,…….

  6. Gotta disagree, Rugby is the game 😀 But then my brother used to play for the county so I may be a bit biased 🙂 I don’t mind the big games of football & if I had to choose a team I’d go for Chelsea.

  7. Er Noddy, last but one, honestly! 6-0 this weekend wow!

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