Annual Force Multicultural Event

September 5, 2007

An Inspector walked by my office the other week and said, “Twining Oi”, (he doesn’t know that’s my blog name), he called me by my real name. He said, “are you coming over to the multicultural event?” I said, “What about my PDR. You promised me an entry. Alas Sir, I have not been invited. But hey, I am not surprised.” I thought to myself, this is great, they know what I have achieved and how much work I have done in my service and the Force Community Unit treats me this way.

I thought again,  yes twice in one day, that’s a record for us Black folk, to think twice in one day.  We clearly don’t have the capacity. I am fuming.

Clearly they don’t want people like me there. People like me, I thought? I just walked over and took my place and said hello to the Force Hate Crime Colleague. As soon as I did this, and I was with another Asian colleague, the Senior Officer in charge walked over to make his presence felt.

He said to the Hate Crime Officer, “Is everything alright, any problems?” He totally dissed me. Why? I looked at the Hate Crime Officer, I was baffled, he was baffled, we were all baffled. “Tea,” I said. We were so baffled.

The Asian Officer looked at me and I said, “I’m not invited, that’s what that was about.”We promote idiots like this, Senior Officer’s that throw their weight around to intimidate us but have no clue about hate issues. Still I stayed and waited for the Chief Constable to make his address to the community.

He talked about friendship. Hmm is that what the no invite was about? Is that what the Senior Officer’s comment was about? They, the institution don’t like challenges, yet they say they can deal with them. But once you challenge, they give you a bit of a label.The next day I spoke with the Asian Officer, and I said, “You heard that right.” He said, “Yes, now I see what it was about.”

Interestingly not one Black Officer that had challenged injustices was there. There was the odd token who had used the BPA to propel their career, but they would not talk to the likes of us either. It’s too risky for their career.You want to talk about friendships Chief Constable, then please ensure that some of your Senior Managers stop treating us like the enemy within. We have, we continue, and we will continue to achieve more then these career Managers you so entrust. Please therefore treat us as friends inside. Chief Constable, get your own house in order before preaching to the community.



  1. Somehow I’m not surprised. It’s a bunker mentality. They spend all their time mouthing platitudes and crap like ‘thinking outside the box, seed change, blah, blah, blah’ while they dig their feet in and prop up the status quo.

  2. Roses, welcome back, That’s exactly what happens. Does the Chief know what happened? Probably not. But where does this mentality come from? The Senior Officer may have frightened the Hate Crime Officer, but this is how they safeguard their ignorance by maintaining control over their staff. They have no interest in the department but cannot see anyone more compitent then them either. I wasn’t frightened, nor frightened off, which was clearly the intention.

    I have some respect for the Asian officer that was with me. He is young and has no malice around him or in relation to what he does. However, when he took over from his predecessor, his predecessor, another Asian Officer, told him, he would never achieve what the predecessor had previously achieved in the role. The truth is the predecessor was a mouthpiece, he was all talk, and no action. He never rocked the boat.

    I advised the young Officer, ignore the predeccessor, do what he feels is right and help the service, that is his role. I know this Officer will stand up for what is right. The other one was a “token.” Guess which one the Force mentors and ask yourself why? This is incompetence, real incompetence an bigotry.

    Not only this, but I happened to overhear a minority ethnic Inspector speak to a prominent community member who was querying the BPA. The Inspector has never been a member, but he said, “We are all members.” For years he has denied any membership, so why change his tune with the community? He looked at me, noting I could hear. Of course he could have just introduced me to the member of the community. This is the stranglehold of the institution. Later, though, I did what I do best, I introduced myself…. I highlighted the lack of committment from Senior Officers and talked of this hold……

  3. No doubt there will be a debrief. And questions will be asked……What was Twining doing there? How did he get in without an invite? What did he say? What will he do? Well, here are some answers. Twining was there because Twining has a voice and you cannot and should not suppress that. The fact that you engage with Middle calls minority members is one aspect, but engage with the people that are likely to offend, get them off the streets and you might impact on gun crime and drugs. The middle calls won’t help you with these issues, neither will tokens who behave as you do. Well, Twining was honest with whomever he spoke to. Sorry institutionalists, and tokens that is bad news for you. What will Twining do? Nothing, he will simply carry on and speak out. Mahatma Gandhi said something like if you slap me, what more can you do, I will give you the other cheek. But this is now hurting!

  4. Mr. Twining (PC Twining; DC Twining; Sir?)

    I’ve only just come upon your very funny blog by way of a link from some other copper’s blog (how do you lot get away with it in this SOCA/HTCU world? – surely they can trace your IP address and have you expelled for having a view? – rather than the on-message bullsh*t that passes for “community policing”)

    Never mind putting up with being a black copper; just being black seems to be getting harder in these enlightened days of Islamophobia and all.

    Well done. Speak out. It goes to serve two purposes as far as I can see:
    a) not all coppers should have been hod-carriers
    b) not all black people are scary and will rob you

    BTW, I’m neither a copper nor am I black (but some of my best friends are – sorry, ok that was not funny)

    All power to you, officer. Raise merry hell. “The bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them, glory and danger alike, and yet notwithstanding, go out to meet it.”

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