September 6, 2007

IRAQ (comedy)

Sterotypes hmm. This video is hilariously funny.



  1. Made me laugh out loud mate.

  2. Folks, when we are laughing here, are we laughing at Islam? I don’t think so. This video is having a go at terrorists; it’s having a go at the West, not Western Soldiers, but it’s having a go at Western politicians, and the US, who have totally not understood the serious nature of Iraq’s situation. Rumsfeld felt it was a quick in and out thing. Not so! The video is just funny. What I am saying is there is no need to fear if in our hearts there is no malice. I am sure the PC brigade won’t understand my line of thought.


  4. Franky, yes you sent me this. I quite like it.

    (1) People re fearful that this video might be deemed racist. Cobblers to that…

    (2) I am laughing at the stereotypes here. For one, the West eludes that Terrorists are “thick.” This is a dangerous stereotype and not real as such.

    (3) The West who can be condascending but so can the Middle East.

    (4) Remember the microphone that caught the conversation between Bush and Blair. That just showed the divide between Islam and the West and if Blair and Bush had been questioned about that conversation without video or tape evidence they would have covered it up. Indeed, they would have said it never happened. So much for preparing the ground for Condoleza.

    (5) The subtitles are hilarious. Which University did the Terrorist study at? Hmm.

    (6) What about the other terrorist who had no subtitles but was possibly a bit short of a plank when compared to the first terrorist. This is classic divide and rule. This is exactly what happens inside public sector organisations don’t you think. A “token” is used to voice views.

  5. Wow dude. Thats heavy. Talk about deep. I just thought it was funny.

  6. Franky you see, I don’t pull punches but people are scared of videos like these. Most would think it’s innapropriate. My view is, it’s actually funny and appropriate.

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