National Service

September 7, 2007

oscar1.jpgHmm, now he is talking my type of language. What you didn’t know he speaks English? Yes, he speaks many languages.

David Cameron wants to introduce National type service for 16-18 year olds; the only thing is it’s voluntary and it’s, it’s, only for 6 weeks. I like the idea but I would say maybe it should be for anything ranging from 6 months to 1 year, it should quite rightly include voluntary service to the communities, working with children, discipline, fitness and an attachment to one of the armed services.

It could provide a credit system for Universities for all those that complete it and should be COMPULSORY. Mr Cameron come on board The Twining Express, make it so that this is enacted as part of Section 6 of The Twining Act 2007.

The Tories need to lose a little more Liberalness  I am afraid to make a difference to social inclusion, citizenship and responsibility, but I like it. I wonder whether the folks below have been on National Service? Mr Cameron you are a worthy recipient of a Twining Oscar. Previous recipients include Franky Fact, Girl Next Door, and even me! Oops I forgot Ninja man UNPC. He was awarded an Oscar as was Bigfella for their part in the Big Brother raid.



  1. Politicians often come up with these half-arsed ideas whereby they start by saying, “ALL CRIMINALS SHOULD GO TO JAIL FOREVER!” then they see the expressions on the audience’s faces and quickly add “UNLESS THEY ARE BETWEEN THE AGES OF 14-35 AND ARE VERY SORRY”. Have reinstated your link by the way – sorry it slipped the net when I redesigned my sidebar.

  2. Now, call me a cynic but I heard Cameron at the last Federation Conference, and he wants the police on side. He didn’t offer us much more than Labour then, but this is yet another shrude move I think. There is a little bit of me which says he cares, but if he cares he needs to give the police something more positive then loose words. Bloggs, thank you for re-instating me. I can fly the higher echelons now…. So this is a half arsed idea….I can see where you coming from. And if he cares he should come and see Copperfield, UNPC, Bloggs, Gadget and me.

  3. Twining; now don’t get too liberal with these awards! Hang on ’til he gives a bit more. Ha bloody Ha!

  4. Dickie, you are awarded here-with, by my jurisdiction, a Twining Oscar for the excellent written and historical article about Anguila, and the rather excellent pictures. Unfortunately the award is nothing more that a picture of the Oscars and a mention, but always remember you are in good company and not a wally!

  5. Your magnanimity staggers me. When I enlighten the lads up the pub tonight, they will realise that, finally, I have moved across from the ‘right-wing’and become (almost) socially accepted. Thank-you P.S. Twining.

  6. […] I add anything, folks? […]

  7. I have no idea what magnanimity means Dickie. Does magnanimity mean I am stubborn? Have a drink, enjoy the Oscar, and rejoice in the names of Twining and Dickiebo. I think you must have done a great job out there in Anguila. We can all make a difference if we behave humanely…and celebrate diversity. Just think Dickie, you actually have now got what a future Prime Minister has got too! A Twining Oscar.

  8. Magnanimous; Noble and Generous. Cheers.

  9. Cool Dickie somehow I don’t think my SMT see me in the same light as you. Troublesome, vexatious, I think that’s how they have describe me….

  10. I think this is a somewhat reactionary policy to the recent issues in the news. Guns, violence and youth crime. A policy that is 6 weeks and compulsory is not going to work. So I agree with Twining. The only people who will do it are the people who dont need it. Rather than tackle the issue head on, Cameron is afraid of alienating people hence 6 weeks and hence optional. Come on Cameron have some conviction!

  11. John N interesting comment. So Cameron is simply looking for votes and playing it safe innit…

  12. Absolutely!

  13. cameron is vote hunting. He wants votes from all of England, and votes from the Black community. what better way? Hmm. John N, it’s good to have you on board. 6 weeks is useless…Which race advisor is advising Cameron? I wonder?

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