A Double Twining Oscar goes to Dickiebo, but who’s da WALLY?

September 12, 2007


Dickie, you are awarded here-with, by my jurisdiction, a DOUBLE Twining Oscar for TWO excellent written and historical articles about Anguila, and the rather excellent pictures. Unfortunately the award is nothing more that a picture of the Oscars and a mention, but always remember you are in good company and not a wally!

(The Wally award has gone to the man on the centre by your jurisdiction for entrusting  a SILLY  and utterly butterly attitude on recruiting –  Hmm the WALLY thinks let’s push all minority people through and get the numbers up. Recruit grandfathers and grandmothers as well. If that fails let’s recruit direct from India. That way we’ll hit our targets and look good and then I’ll get promoted to a SUPER WALLY, perhaps even a HMIC SUPER DUPER WALLY, who knows?)

Folks this is real, we can’t change attitudes so we’ll change the make-up Forces by applying a SUPER DUPER  DULUX colour code to recruiting methods and if necessary just like Thames Valley we’ll start recruiting at nursery level.

How about that for progress? Has anyone thought who will pick up the pieces when those that don’t want to join are forced to join by a SUPER DUPER WALLY TYPE ATTITIUDE, and then we progress USP? And everything the recruiting officer promised BACK THEN becomes unreal for individuals and their families. AND THEY SAID SLAVERY WAS FINISHED. Hmpf as Roses would say, become a SUPER DUPER WALLY; join Gloucestershire AND CHANGE ONE’S HAIR COLOUR TOO! Jesus I have just noticed a visitor on the cluster maps from across the pond. Welcome.


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