A comment from Big fella’s recent post – Section 5

September 12, 2007

41.jpgI found this comment on Big fella’s blog.  The picture here is me, Twining, having a good time on the town; but awaiting a FPN for pee’ing. You can see that I have my Sony walkman here, hence I am having a good time.

The maker of a comment on Big fella’s blog is referring to a gaffer; a boss, an Inspector!

We are in the same boat! We are being told to go out and find section 5’s, (public order act insulting behaviour). So rather than look for, as you say, billy burglar we are supposed to book up X amount of people peeing in the street whom you’d usually give a bolloking to. They then have a criminal record all because we need to get our detection rates up. Don’t get me wrong you shouldn’t pee in the street but a bit of good old fashioned pointy finger and shouting at can have more of an effect. We are getting paid rest days to “clear up” old jobs and it’s being hailed in the press as police getting tough on crime! It’s all a lie it’s all because we are in serious trouble for having such low detection rates because our boss has implemented such ridiculous practices that the police, (me and one other if I’m lucky), cannot possibly detect anything….I for one cannot wait until he goes!”

This is excellent. Well, it’s not really, but it’s an excellent comment.

 (1) We are now  dealing with more section 5’s and 4’s, things that we would have dealt with say, differently in the past, so REPORTED AND DETECTED CRIMES GO UP. Hmm.

(2) Doesn’t the boss realise that this will do nothing for the other crimes that inevitably still exist? Hmm. But unsurprisingly detction’s rise.

(3) I wonder what the boss would think if it was his son who was on a night out and for pee’in he gets a penalty notice for section 5,  all because of his dad’s crime figures. Hmm. 

(3) Clearly the boss can’t hack it at meetings when he is asked why his officer’s figures are real. He would rather they make things up….Hmm

This is all too much a reality across the country. One wonders where peoples balls have gone. Crimes will occur anyway. But we are asking officer’s to detect more, thereby inflating figures and the fear of crime in borderline cases. Nice one boss I am afraid you deserve a TWINING GONG! 



  1. We went through this some years ago! the SMT had a fit when one sector on our patch turned out to be the most violent place on the force as sec 5 is recorded as a violent crime. We nearly always nick for D&D now, which is exactly what it is most the time. If they are drunk and they are acting in a disorderly manner, then that is what it is. We were told if it’s a sec 5 then we need to find someone who could have been cause harassment alarm and distress. Most people who are out on a Friday or Saturday night would not give a stuff by a few f’S and B’s.

  2. I like critical thinkers, it’s fabulous so you deserve a fabulous award as well. Come and pick it up.

  3. Southwest, this is the whole point.(Hey that avatar really looks like you by the way.) These gaffers then go to their meetings and say,”I’m great my lot got more detection’s then you.” The other gaffers bicker amongst themselves about how “great” the useless gaffer is, some gaffers cry, the managers then blame the other gaffers that have low detection rates.

    The Senior Managers recognise useless gaffers and then promote them further. It’s a game. A lie. The damage these people are doing is immense. This peeing and criminalising people unnecessarily is a watse of police resourscing, and it causes friction between the police and the public. I don’t see these gaffers issuing tickets, do you? But the Home Office and Chiefs started this with their performance regimes…Marja, thank you for the “fabulous award,” I shall come over to collect it very soon. You are now showing up on the cluster map!

  4. Isnt it about time that the government and the higher echelons of the police service looked at the more serious crimes than (scuse the pun) the piddling little ones.

    We hear it in the media all the time “Violent Crime is on the decrease”……sorry its a load of crap. Burglary on the decrease……….not from where im sat. The Home Office/Government and Chief Constables of the United Kingdom should get their heads out of their backsides, stop sitting in their ivory towers and get on with the job in hand. Its time to put the real criminals behind bars.

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