September 17, 2007

Twining postpones his raid on Ian for the time being only.  Hot news has just been recieved at Shireshire HQ that samosas are now on sale at 25 pence each.

Whoops, sorry, hot news has been recieved that France has spoken out about and against Iran and Nuclear weapons. This is new news as France has said in no uncertain terms that if Iran does not stop it’s production of Nuclear weapons then we should prepare for the ultimate; war. That’s what has been happening in Iraq right?

France have indeed taken a pro-active stance. Could it be that they are running out of fuel? Or have they been reading Twining’s blog. I do have visitors from the States, (welcome).

Even during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq France has been sitting on the sidelines and all of a sudden there is a U turn. Iran responds with a fatwa, not yet is hasn’t, and states that France is “apeing” Bush and the US.  Apeing?

The worrying thing is this is now not just about the US and Britain; the war in relation to power and terrorism continues, but another European power has now nailed it’s colours to the mast.

End of fax message from Twining, timed at Greenwich meantime, (now).

Ammendment to fax message: Trade in Black In Blue shares:  http://blogshares.com/blogs.php?blog=http%3A%2F%2Ftwining.wordpress.com%2F


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