Newsflash….Copperfield part 2

September 19, 2007

News hast just been recieved from Soutwest about the possibility of leading a raid on the Home Office in order to arrest someone Senior for wasting police time.

There is a slight problem with this in that wasting police time is not arrestable; though one can issue a fixed penalty notice for this, but in order to do this we would have to issue everyone in the Home Office a ticket.

Whilst I like the idea of a raid, alas it seems too difficult to deal with. And I don’t quite fance those names on my sidebar issuing tickets willy nilly. Therefore and in true Twining style I have another idea.

In response and in support of Copperfield let’s dress up and march on to 10 Downing Street. These characters would have to assist as the following: Twining, (Pink Panther), Southwest, (Spock), Roses, (Bat Woman), Girl next Door, (Bionic Woman), Bloggs, (Wonder Woman), Sergeant Says, (Superman), TUPC, (Ninja Turtle 1), Big fella, (Ninja Turtle 2), Franky Fact, (Ninja Turtle 3), which end bites, (Bionic dog or erm just Batman), and Gazza, (Robin). Argh yes, Annette, would have to be Super Mum. Marja, you must join in the march too and Dickie also but you will have to give me an idea of characters please. I say we set a date, work this out, raise some money for charity and march. Forget the raid,  walk on, walk on, with love in your hearts and you’ll never walk alone…., you’ll never walk alone…

Alternatively we could march as the muppets. Nah, let’s leave the muppets to the Government, the Home Office and ACPO. Ah yes, by the way a big welcome to colleagues and people from then US of A, Portugal, Italy, Norway, New Zealand and Australia.  Oh yes, and Noddy, well Noddy can be just Noddy.



  1. As I said on UNPCs blog – I’ll drive the station van for you lot, and try not to sulk at being left out.

  2. I thought everything was arrestable now with the necessity test being applied. Prompt and effective investigation and all that. And in order to secure and preserve evidence by questioning. What about using the Fu**em Act 2007, always works for me sarge. Lets just go and nick someone!

  3. Area Search No Trace – I looked on UNPC’s blog? You were on Southwest’s blog. Now if there was a raid you would do well in misdirecting people. No good for traffic but good for many raids. Hmm. I will add you to my sidebar. For the march are you prepared to be the Invisible Man? If the answers is yes, then you are in.

    Southwest, whilst I am of the same opinion as you, I guess many ass’s were twitching Tuesday morning in the Home Office.

  4. Twining- I’m no good without an A-Z.

    Or an MDT, when it works…

    Invisible man sounds good. Can I drive the van afterwards then? I’ve thought of a great nick to book any survivors/prisoners into.

  5. I’m sorry, I’m not coming as Bat Woman. It’s just that mini-skirts aren’t really my style.

    I’ll happily come along as Modesty Blaise, that kick-arse bitch from the 60s, or Mrs Peel. I’ll be putting on my make-up.

  6. This is a disciplined service Roses, none of that perfume stuff, and a lawful order is just that, lawful. OK, I give in you can be Modesty Blaise. ASNT, you have got to be a traffic officer, but you ‘re not listening, NO RAID, NO RAID, yet at least. We march on to 10 Downing Street and present number 10 with a tango hit, you know the man in orange….Good to have you both on board. Can you imagine the commotion it would cause, and the interest, if all these bloggers marched on as characters to protect their identity?

  7. Count me in! I’m sick of all this petty bureaucracy and when the government want to try and sort it out, they hit us with more paper work to try and stop the current paper work!

  8. Response plod, ASNT, Southwest, thanks to you three this is getting more interesting. I am away from the blog for a few days. Seriously though, how many people are prepared to march? Those mentioned bloggers could well dress up. The rest march in civilian clothing. If we think the Government and Mcnulty will keel over then we are very very naive. Pass the message on. The more that contribute to this piece the better. Response PC, glad to have you on board.

  9. It’s a bloody long walk to the ‘smoke’ from here, but the Toytown gang have looked out their bagpipes and kilts and are on the march!

  10. Oooh, Twining, the chance to dress up in tights again. And a kilt to boot. Is there a Toytown Tartan? I could have Big Ears on my sporran…. The possibilities are endless. Have to be careful though, No 10 might not take us seriously!!!

  11. I wasn’t consulted on my costume and refuse to dress as a pond dwelling martial arts nut. As I've said before, I want to be the Green Lantern so I can use the power of my ring. Ooooooer.

  12. What do you mean “that perfume stuff”! I’m afraid I’m a big fan of “that perfume stuff” & make up. (It’s cos I’m a bit of a girly girl, for my sins). I’ll be an Agent Provocateur! That would be a perfect role for me. Area can drive as long as he’s got an A to Z & is better on the accelerator & brake than I am! Lol

  13. Hey, I’m feeling very lost. Only just got back from training and haven’t read or heard anything that is going on in the outside world, as shameful as that sounds. Will add you to my sidebar. 🙂

  14. twining you stirrer you. I like the idea of everyone going as muppets. Or perhaps puppets. That would work too. Perhaps combine with a fed march / demo over pay, if there’s going to be one of them. Everyone dress as a muppet or puppet and go and harangue McNulty! Genius.

  15. Hmm

    (1) Gazza – nice to hear from you.

    (2) GND – Agent provocateur is your mission.

    (3) BAWPC – Welcome.

    (4) Sergeant says, (Superman), nice to see your back. What can one do but stir? I love the stripes.

    (5) I’ll give you consultation Franky!

    The Government/s might take muppets and puppets more seriously.This is fantastic. Police bloggers unite!

    Are we, “all ready and present!”

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