Burmese monks….

September 25, 2007

……are walking the walk for freedom; whilst Milliband talks the talk. When Milliband was asked today whether this talk was tokenistic I think he said something like, it’s more than tokenistic……

And whilst Twining plans the disguised march to number 10 these monks are taking their lives in their hands as the West looks on. Are these just words from Tony Blair, oops Milliband? Is Milliband Blair’s brother?

Perhaps we pray that no one is hurt out there; but if it is true that Burmese soldiers are shaving thier heads to infiltrate the march and cause violence so as to allow shots to be fired, then we are waiting on a potential bloodbath.

Let’s not leave this too late; sanctions will do little if anything…..more action is needed. If Twining had the power he would march with everyone on his sidebar; though this might prove difficult for BAWPC, who is undergoing training.

On a  serious note, good luck to the Burmese people and the monks. Let us hope there is no repeat of 1988, because that’s when all we did was just look on.

Has anyone else noticed the cluster map? I have one visitor, at least, from Russia, many from the US, and loads of Scottish people from Scotland!



  1. There’s a lot of Toytowners you know in Scotland. I’m very worried as to how things will develop in Burma given that the junta have now imposed a curfew</a.

  2. All the troubles are sorted in Ireland, or well on their way to being sorted when it kicks off somewhere else. Unfortunately I don’t think there will ever be peace in this world….

  3. Aincha got any readers in Burma then, who can sort out this bloody military bunch?

  4. Dickie every man and woman that stands up against tyranny anywhere in the world can make a difference. My worrry is that innocent people will yet again suffer. Here’s three people that already make a difference. Actually Dickie someone is popping up around Afghanistan I think. Noddy, are you referring people here dude? By the way I wore a kilt! I actually wore a kilt! GND – don’t know what to say. Already people have been hurt today in Burma.

  5. It’s a horrible situation. I don’t know what to say really either, apart from it is just an awful state of affairs. But then Mugabe isn’t the best thing for Africa either, just horrible 😦

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