Twining’s action plan for Julie Spence…..

September 30, 2007

th1_206200637julie_spence_smiling1.jpegThisbanana_saver1.jpegis Spence; the Chief Constable of Cambridgeshire, who recently made someremarks about migrants. Nice picture by the way. I have deliberately kept out of the debate upto now but I just have to say something.

I am not so sure that the decision to go so public  about the difficulties of policing  a migrant community was wise.

There is one thing in asking for more money and resources from the Home Office, by the way Julie is also the Chair of the Women’s Police Association, and there is another in striking fear in the community we serve.

I have no doubt that Spence needs additional funding, but this is an issue between her and the Home Office and this fight is with the Government, not the migrant’s of Cambridgeshire. There is a complexity in policing an unstable migrant community where workers from Portugal, Lithuania, and other Eastern European communities have come in to work here.

But the fact is that locals will not like these migrants. I remember a term of the 1970’s, “paki bashing,” well now in Cambridgeshire there is a bit of “fozzie bashing.” Have we really moved on or has the migrant community of the 1970’s, the Asian Ugandans, now integrated, such that we have “fozzies” to attack now?   

The market town of Wisbech is mentioned and getting one’s head kicked in on a Friday/Saturday night because the locals don’t like the migrant lads eyeing up local women is rather poor sport. Racism is often caused by fear and jealousy.

That some of the migrants fear living in Wisbech is real. The right wing mentality is therefore real in this area Ms Spence. Dear Ms Spence you may note that some of these migrants have stated that it is far more dangerous in Wisbech than it is in their native homeland and they have come here to earn some money for a better life. Now, if the locals dont’ take the jobs on offer, then the arguement of employing migrants is economic. So, who is to blame?

Ms Spence please also note that these individuals might live in numbers in one house, work shifts, they may socially congregate in areas and they may bring peculiarities with them; drinking and driving might be OK in the East, apparently, so drink driving will increase no doubt. But will these people really report racist crime? Or is there significant under reporting? Ms Spence you may be on the threshold of a Stephen Lawrence type murder. So dear Ms Spence, I have to say your arguement is with the GOVERNMENT, your duty is to protect the community, and this duty extends to MIGRANTS also. Hmpf!  

Twining’s  free Policing Action Plan Ms Spence:

(1) Strengthen resources on Friday, Saturday nights in these areas.

(2) Make sure there is some contact with these communities to ensure we have access to tension and intelligence indicators.

(3) Educate against drink driving.

(4) Look at tensions in schools and start speaking to head teachers about bullying and ask what they are doing?

(5) Prosecute the “fozzie” bashers vigorously.  

(6) The most powerful prevention tool is beat officer’s in the community doing what they do best, talking and, having cups of Twining’s tea.

Ms Spence in writing this action plan for you, may I ask, how many beat officer’s do you have now, say, in comparison to the past? By the way, may I offer you a bunch of bananas Ms Spence? 


  1. How about; Stop importing Economic Migrants? Problem(s) solved.

  2. Dickie, yes, that’s fine, but tell that to the farmers and agricultural industry. The employment of these people is economic. The result of employment becomes culturally complex. Being part of the EU we can’t say no. That was a choice this country made. I still think the best people to help are not people like Ms Spence, but the PC on the beat…..So we either say we allow this abhorrent situation where people are treated badly or we police it properly.

  3. Well yes. We can deal with the cosmetics – or deal with the real problem. i.e. Police a situation which is rapidly getting out of control, or deal with the real problem of allowing hordes of foreigners into the country.

  4. Dickie, immigration is not a policing issue dude; it’s a government issue. We have got to police; surely that’s our role. I grew up with “paki bashing.” It’s not a joke Dickie, yet the perpatrator’s laugh. This is racial prejudice. Where does the term “fozzie” come from? It’s the same as the term, “paki.” I guess what I am saying is we did not make the community as it is, but we should police it fairly; that’s all and Ms Spence needs extra funding. She is right there.

  5. For the sake of entente cordiale, I also shall bury my head in the sand, pretend that there is no problem with allowing in millions of foreigners, and say no more. I rest my case, m’lud.
    Oh yes. Happy Birthday, Twining.

  6. Is that stale-mate Dickie? Aha. Dickie, how far do we go? We wanted to be in Europe. We are in Europe, we can’t have a slice of cake and not take the whole cake allocated to us.

    You know in the 1960’s we were foreigners too; British by right and proud; but how were we viewed. We were children then. We didn’t understand. Jesus, I am becoming popular in the States! let’s face it most of these migrants are not bad people; (WOMEN, CHILDREN, AND MEN). Dickie I don’t want to argue; mine’s a boddington’s, what’s yours man?

  7. Twining; No, mate. In the 60s we were not foreigners. I was born here in 1938 and did my bit in the Army, paid taxes from the age of 16, was never unemployed or ‘claiming benefits’, was never given assisted accommodation, and generally helped my country. What I call ‘foreigners’ are, generally, people who were; not born here, never did any National Service (though, by God, criticise those who do), jump the housing list – to the complete detriment of deserving Brits – claim benefits which they have contributed NOTHING towards, and then dare to tell us where we are going wrong. If you are still standing up, huffing and puffing, mine’s a lager.

  8. By the way, “British and proud of it.” Do you not watch the cricket? Crowds in England – Nouveau Brits – waving Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan flags. Do you seriously think these people have travelled from those countries to watch the cricket? I don’t think so!!

  9. Barman, a Boddington’s and a treble Whisky for my mate Dickie please! Dickie I meant when we came here we worked, my parents worked hard, but we were still foreign. Barman, packet of nuts for us both please!

  10. Dickie, I wanted England to win the cricket but WE lost, because we played bad. I felt if Pakistan won it would go belly up as the Pakistanis would have a go at the Indians, but you know what, the Indians mainly cebrated, but a minority did have a go at Pakistan. I saw the highlights, excellent cricket old boy. By the way I bought an England football shirt and shorts today, suits my pink tail.

  11. Hey, you sod. Who is paying?

  12. Dickie, you are paying! I respect my elders. Surely,admitting we have a problem in Wisbech, how about me, you and the boys, (and girls), go on down there and help Ms Spence. What do you say Dickie?

    Dickie, let’s be about right, some of the deserving Brits you mention don’t do a days work themselves. So there is a problem with the benefits system. Shall we have another drink Dickie? This one’s on me. A Milky bar for my mate please and a bottle of Scotch for me please barman!

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