Twining’s blog birthday…

September 30, 2007

bigben.jpegbanana_saver1.jpegoscar8.jpgHappy birthday to me….Folks to celebrate my blogging birthday here’s a reminder of the awards up for grabs.

The first picture depicts Big Ben, (this is  Twining Gong), and is offered to anyone making a Pig’s ear out of race and/or policing. The second is a picture of my banana award for some good effort in race, but something that is not quite there yet. The final award is the infamous Twining Oscar for extra-ordinary and extra special efforts in race and/or policing. The Gong award is a bit like Dickie’s Wally award, but he nicked the award idea from me. Anyway Twining looks forward to making more awrds in the coming year.

Recipients of the Oscar include Dickiebo himself and Girl next Door as well as Franky. In fact Dickiebo was awarded a double Oscar for his pictures about Anguila, and Copperfield  received the very fine treble Oscar for the Panorama program. The Gong I am afraid has been awarded to the Chief Constable of Derbyshire, David Coleman, the Met Commissioner, several times, I can’t remember….who else.

Today the banana was awarded to Ms Spence for an outstanding effort in scaring the daylights of the migrant community in Cambridgeshire. Alas I must go….Happy birthday to me….



  1. Happy birthday Twining.

  2. Happy birthday twining

  3. Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear Twining, happy birthday to me.

  4. Er, You know its not a picture of “Big Ben” but in fact The Clock Tower ?

  5. Oi, that’s big ben! I searched in the net.

  6. Oi! You’re not supposed to sing the birthday song to yourself! I wanted to do it. Fine. I’ll go off and sulk.

  7. Hey no sulking it’s a party.

  8. Happy Birthday mate, it’s mine in 3 days time.

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