The Daily brief…..

October 2, 2007

The “A” team heads to Wisbech…..

Inspector Gadget calls for a briefing. Sergeants, Simon, UNPC, and Twining are called to attention to  discuss the next action to be take in Wisbech. The troops; Franky, Bigfella, Southwest, Noddy , Area search, PC PLod, also attend. Roses provides the allure fragrance at the brieifing room. Everyone is distracted.  

Gadget: Right folks we’re on our way to Wisbech.

Noddy: We’re all going on a summer holiday.

Gadget: UNPC you and Southwest can provide cover in the Area car. I want a van, Big man, you can take this with Franky. No writing poems though? Agreed.

Bigfella: Hmpf.

Twining: What about me Sir?

Gadget: I don’t know yet. Roses you smell fragrant. Simon, you’re with me. Let’s kick some ass. It’s simple, any offences, nick them all, and then we show the prisoners a picture of Julie Spence.

Noddy: O000000 Sir. 

Twining: You mean that’s it Sir?

Gadget: No, we then give them community work and race lessons with you Twining…..and a certificate at the end.

Twining: Hmpf! Roses, have we any tea?

Gadget: The rest of you are foot patrol. Ah we have a latecomer, Annette, you’ll have to be involved in the community work with PS Twining. And Thin Blue Line x 2 foot patrol please.

Twining: What about Priti Witham?

Gadget: Is she trustworthy?

Twining: Yes boss.

Gadget: She’s with the van. BAWPC can join her.



  1. Have you done the banners yet? Or does that mean more paper work!

  2. Would you like biscuits with your tea? We have Rich Tea, digestives or shortbread.

  3. If you should get to see Ms Spence, will you please give her a Dickiebouquet for me? Ta!

  4. Dickie, no way, no way, no way. I am afraid I beat you to it. She’s already got the banana award and whilst I may not meet her, I do believe she has recieved this award with grace an good attitude. Hey Roses, change of plan; your coming with us on the “A” team. Your with the van. You’ ll have to be a lay visitor type person, grab a few magistrates, and take them with you to see how people live in Wisbech. Have a look at segregation and send the fear of God up magistrates generally.

  5. Er, Guv, I’ve misplaced my beat duty helmet. Can I do foot patrol in the flat cap?

  6. Area Search No Trace, you’re in the “A” team man, you can do anything. Thanks for the Burma comment. It’s appreciated.

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