Do the “roo.”

October 3, 2007

This video is dedicated to my girl, my princess, my daughter. She was reading to me yesterday as she does, and the subject was the  “roo.”

And she said they work in “mob!” Mob, I thought. Hmm. Imagine my surpise. I smiled; then a funny thought leaped into my brain. I couldn’t help it, I hit myself, it was a STEREOTYPE. I hit myself again and smiled. 

I then duly imagined the MO of street robbers. They too hunt in “mobs,” they too have strong long lower legs, and operate in a similar hopping  MO movement using their long arms to snatch items that don’t belong to them. Rodents I say, rodents are these robbers, rodents.

Now, Kangaroo Jack is a classic film, it makes us  laugh again and again, and this scene is the best.  When all you out there are dealing with robberies just imagine the “roo” running around bloody fast, and in this case with a hoody.

Funny thing is, in this story the roo nicked quite a lot of cash which was stored in an envelope in the jacket, oops hoody. So, do the roo, and spread the word across the 43 Forces in England and Wales about the “roo.” 


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